Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Still awaiting information on Jake Peavy from today’s examination.  The pitcher left last night’s rehab start for the Barons in Birmingham with discomfort.  He returned to Chicago today, and we are waiting for information from our training staff.

Familiar Faces

Former White Sox manager Jeff Torborg and longtime coach Art Kusnyer stopped by the Sox clubhouse before today’s game in Tampa.

The Guys Talk Gloves

In this video, various players such as Buehrle, Quentin, Rios, and Santos go into detail about their gloves. The interviews cover the types of gloves they use, how they prepare them for the season and any sentimental value their gloves have. View it, here

This Date In History

ESPN’s Keith Law makes a great point in his blog today.  On April 19 of last year, the Marlins had the best record in baseball at 11-1, the Jays the best in the AL at 10-4 and the Royals were tied for the AL Central lead at 7-5.

Today In History

A couple of cool facts about April 19ths past …

1960  A record Opening Day crowd at Chicago’s Comiskey Park enthusiastically greet their American League champs, and the patrons warmly welcomes the return of Minnie Minoso to the team after his three-year exile to Cleveland. The 34-year old outfielder doesn’t disappoint the South Side fans when, in addition to hitting a grand slam in the fourth, he blasts a ninth inning walk-off home run giving the White Sox 10-9 victory over Kansas City.
1969  Ken Harrelson, along with Dick Ellsworth and Juan Pizarro, is traded by the Red Sox to the Indians for Joe Azcue, Vicente Romo and Sonny Siebert. The 27-year old ‘Hawk’, now a White Sox broadcaster, decides to retire, but reluctantly returns to the game following conversations with commissioner Bowie Kuhn, who will later say, “the loss of Ken Harrelson would be a tragedy for baseball.”
1972  The demolition of Crosley Field begins when two-year old Pete Rose, Jr. — now a manager at Advanced Rookie Bristol in the White Sox farm system — pulls a lever that sends a wrecking ball into the side of the former home of the Reds.

(Source: nationalpastime.com)

And of Course …

Yesterday marked the 20th anniversary of the opening of New Comiskey Park (now U.S. Cellular Field).


Scott, thanks for the post. After the past weekend we need something to perk us all up. Now how about a W to put us back on track?

“The 27-year old ‘Hawk’, now a White Sox broadcaster, decides to retire, but reluctantly returns to the game following conversations with commissioner Bowie Kuhn, who will later say, “the loss of Ken Harrelson would be a tragedy for baseball.”” I love Hawk as much as the next guy, but really!? Good comments Scott, thanks and go Sox’11….j.k.

Oh, Fellas, we need to score runs to win…. How about beginning now?….. Top 3 we trail 0-1…..j.k.

How about now? Top 5 still 0-1……..Go Sox’11…….

All right AJ! RBI single scores Q.

That was short lived. Now 1-2 going into the sixth….. Come on Boys…..j.k.

Hello, is anyone out there? Go Sox’11….j.k.

Confidence! Right now, we Don’t got it. A week ago when we were 7-4 I said the only thing wrong with us was out bullpen. I’d like to amend that and add our offense could be a TAD bit better too…. Come on Boys, we’re rooting for you…. j.k.

Come on tomorrow and another chance for a WIN………Good game, we just came up short tonight. As Hawk says, tip your hat to Shields who threw a complete game. Only four hits for us: that WON’T get it done….. Go Sox’11….j.k.

You can’t win the division in April, but you sure can lose it. Didn’t last years Sox team also dig themselves a huge hole (that they never managed to recover from) in April?
This is beginning to feel like deja vu all over again.

Hi jk, I’m around, but am stunned into silence. Not much to say….just disheartened. That is all.

Hi Marie. I understand not commenting: not much fun when you’re losing, but with each passing day our chances of breaking out improve. I know we’re not where we wanted/expeccted to be, but for that matter neither is Boston or Minn. or Detroit, or others as well. We will turn this team around and I think it will begin tonight. Go Sox’11….j.k.

Buster. April records since 2001: 8-15, 16-10, 14-12, 13-9, 17-7, 17-7, 12-11, 14-12, 11-10, 9-14 last year. So far we’re 7-10 (should be at least 10-7, but it “is what it is”) ’05 and ’06 were our best years and we only made the playoffs in one of those years as you all know. ’08 was 14-12 just barely over .500 and we made the playoffs. last year @ 9-14 was bad before we sizzled against the NL, but we missed by just a few games of making the playoffs, and that was primarily due to losing to the Central teams. Still too many games to go to panic, but yeah, it looks like we’re repeating last years slow start. Come on Boys, time to turn it around…j.k.

Down 2-0 into the fourth. Come back wins are the best kind… Let’s do it…..j.k.

We still need to come back, only now we need 4 to tie……..Not looking to good right now…… Come on Boys…….j.k.

4-1 now into the bottom of 6. Thanks Q for the jack….Go Sox’11….j.k.

Another day, another loss. Humbug! Bah!. Maybe if I don’t watch tomorrow, we will have a chance?……….. Waiting for win # 8…..Go Sox’11……j.k.

39% W/L in April last year. 39% W/L April (after tonight) this year. Really not good. No panic is necessary or called for. Just really discouraging to see a team with so much talent starting off another year so poorly.

This is a nightmare, I am afraid we will wake up from in May.
So far problems with pitching, defense and now hitting.

Well, I can’t simply, not watch. So, could you guys start hitting again and get Gavin a win? Go Sox’11…..j.k.

Here’s hoping the Sox sent some of this mojo west to Vancouver tonight. Roll Hawks.

Well, three more outs to go – let’s hope Grey can bring it home. JK, I think with all your positiveness (is that a word?) you have willed them to a victory! YAY! Here’s to starting a streak of the W kind.

Oh, and tomorrow in Detroit, those are the ones we really have to win…our division….So, let’s go get those kittens!

Finally! A Way to go Boys game….9-2 good guys…… Good job, Slappy, Omar, Q, Cap’t, AJ and Teacup. Now let’s string a few W’s together starting in Detroit tomorrow….. j.k.

I didn’t want to say ANYTHING until the last out was recorded, but then it was dinner time and now that I’m back, it’s good to see Marie still with our Boys. Come on everybody else, you know you want to believe…. Go Sox’11…..j.k.

Hi Buster, JK, Marie, and everyone else. I’ve been keeping up with the guys, but I haven’t been able to sit down and watch a game in the last week. So, I didn’t want to comment on the games without watching them nor did I want to base comments on just the highlights (where you don’t get the full story of the game).

Anyway, it’s great to see us pick up a W tonight. Now, we just need to add a few more. Go White Sox!

Familiar position of late: Down 0-2 going to the top of third.Go Sox’11….j.k.

It’s a shame that we need to “pray” for rain, but there you have it. Somehow we need to extend the top of the fifth until the Biblical Storm hits Detroit and wipes out this one…… Not good…………..GoSox’11…………j.k.

I see that Cleveland at Minn is postponed, and unless we can come back from a four run deficit, we will be only 1/2 game out of the cellar……….. Oh the misery!. But, I’ll still be watching and rooting, so come on Boys…………. Whoops, make that 6-1 now after Pena gave up a single….. Oh well….. Get ’em tomorrow…..Go Sox’11….j.k.

I’m happy for Q and Paulie for going back to back, and congrats to Verlander for K # 1000 as a Tiger….. We trail 3-6…. Go Sox’11…..j.k.

That’s all for me Folks. See you tomorrow……j.k.

I will have to listen to today’s game thanks to the “joys” of being in the wrong Fox market. Seems to me that more people WOULD watch baseball if they had the choice of which game to watch. I won’t be watching SF and Atl, so there!. Go Sox’11…..j.k.

21 games into the season, after today’s impending loss (9 of the last 10) the Sox will be in last place in the AL Central. Last place. Seriously, it’s time to shake this team up.

Happy Easter everyone! Here’s hoping our Boys can find a W in their hunt today in Detroit. Or will there be more raw egg on their faces when heading to NY? Come on JohnnyD and go Sox’11…..j.k.

Uh, Fellas; frustration is starting to set in with your fan base. Memo to Team:What you’re doing ISN’T working! On to NY, Forward, CHARGE!…………. oh, yeah, win?…… Go Sox’11……

To think I waited all winter for this, That’s really depressing.

OK, one of my fellow fans who bring luck each time they attend a Sox game (Donna, MariE, Maria, anybody) has got to get to NYC for the games there, so we can WIN for a change!

I’m too scared to even check the scores any more!


Peggy, I agree. The White Sox need to employ a full-time “good luck” team to travel to away games. Sadly, my record is .500 in the few games that I’ve attended, but I’m sure there are others who can step up.

A new week and a new outlook, right? Since we’re at the bottom, there is only one direction we can go from here. But the Yanks won’t make it easy. Here’s to restrained optimism. Go White Sox!

Hi all…..I have been around but not commenting too much. What is there to say? Everywhere I go (church, the store, work, my front yard) everyone knows I am a huge Sox fan and I have to answer to everyone – what is going on with your Sox Marie? I have no answers to give, just like all of you, I shake my head in bewilderment. Oh well. I keep telling everyone that it is the same story every April, just a different year. I don’t want to wish time away, but maybe turning the calendar to May on Saturday night will help.

It sure will be interesting to hear what Kenny Williams has to say today after his press conference. I just hope there are no sacrificial lambs. I still believe this team can play.

So, I’m with jk, and Josh, how about tonight boys?

Nice job Phil Humber. If I had a cap on, I’d tip it to you!

Great Job Humber, Descent game all around. Been down this road before I don’t have the Pom Poms out yet. Still enjoyed a good all around win.

Nice win. Great outing by Humber. Alex Rios 0 HR, 4 RBIs, making $12,000,000/year. Let me say that again, $12,000,000/year. Rios isn’t the only problem with this club but he’s one of the biggest. I say sit him for a week or two and let Jordan Danks have a shot. At least with Dunn we knew what we were getting, all or nothing at the plate.

Sox WIN!! Sox win! Sox win? Yep! That is no misprint: we DID win a game. Yea!!!!! Terrific job by Humber and Boy did our bats finally get hot or what? Well, one out of two isn’t bad, right?

So, for a day at least I can hold my head up high. Tomorrow I golf with a Yankee friend. Hopefully, he won’t take it out on Me for our win, but if that’s what it takes for us to get W’s, I’d gladly slice my way to a hig score.

Now, we need for Mark to follow through tomorrow and for our bats to really get hot. Two runs won’t win many games….. Go Sox’11…….j.k.

ONE more final YEA!!!! Sox WIN!!!!!

Humber definitely gets the game ball for tonight’s game. I’m just glad another stellar pitching performance wasn’t wasted. I know it’s only one game, but my boss is a HUGE Yankees fan and I can at least rub it in for one day. As Hawk would say, “Don’t stop now boys.” Let’s take Round 2 tomorrow. Go White Sox!

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