White Sox Service Day

Saturday, April 30, 2011

This morning, the White Sox hosted a service event along with Mark Teahen, the White Sox Volunteer Corps and Constellation Energy. Together we planted four trees, placed mulch and fibar on the playground and cleaned up Armour Square Park. The event kicked off the new environmental sustainability partnership between Constellation Energy and the White Sox.

The below photos capture highlights from today’s event.

Mark Teahen



Nice work today boys. Other than on the field.

I feel sorry for Matt Thornton!. What’s a guy got to do? He broke two bats, threw a K and only got one out! A passed ball, and error, a fly ball and what do you know? Four runs score and there’s another game lost.

Hawk is right on: “Morton salt”…. (when it rains it pours) in case you didn’t know.

Exactly how far down do we have to fall before we start to pick ourselves up? I can’t speculate about that, but I will say that I’m going to wait until we win a game before commenting again. Might not help, but at least I won’t be wasting my time “rah-rahing” every game.

It’s “still early”…. except after a month of the season and about 1/6 of the season GONE, it ISN’T really that early anymore….. Go Sox’11……j.k.

Thank God for the twins. At least the Sox don’t have the worst record in MLB. It is unbelieveable (to me at least) that a team with this much talent can play so poorly. Maybe they don’t really have as much talent as I thought.

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