Day Late, Dollar Short

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Belated congratulations to White Sox left-hander Mark Buehre on career win No. 150.


This from the Elias Sports Bureau:

Paul Konerko hit two home runs and Mark Buehrle threw 6⅔ scoreless innings in Chicago’s win against Baltimore on Monday night.  It was the seventh time that Buehrle earned a win and Konerko hit multiple home runs in the same game, breaking a tie with Adam Wainwright and Albert Pujols for the most such games together by current teammates. 

Buehrle and Konerko’s total is now the highest for any two major-league teammates since Jim Kaat won seven games in which Tony Oliva hit at least two homers for the Twins, from 1964 to 1971. 


White Sox general manager Ken Williams on recalling 9/11 on word of the death of Osama bin Laden:

“If I close my eyes and think about it, I can still smell that smell from that day. It’s something I will never forget.”


Well, it is official. The White Sox are the worst team in baseball!!!!!!!!

Not simply because the Sox were no hit tonight. This team’s hitting and offense in general is beyond terrible. If there has ever been a team with so much talent (and with such a huge payroll) that performed so poorly I can’t recall it. The next 10 games will determine whether “it’s still early” or “it’s too late”. Nothing short of a miracle will save the season for this club.

There comes a time in this management when the priority becomes winning ball games and not the (honorable but sometimes harmful) loyalty to past players. It is going to be a difficult task for Jerry but I believe that a hitting coach has to go!

If the rest of the season goes the same way, last night will be viewed as the symbolic “final nail on the coffin”. I’m not expecting an all out “fire sale” since we have some big players signed to big contracts, but if things don’t change, I’m expecting to see an entirely new lineup next year. KW took a huge gamble increasing our payroll and they expected people to come out to the park. Now with empty seats, he’s going to have to cut his losses somewhere.

We still have 5 months of baseball left to play, but as of now, it already feels like we’re out of it. The bad thing was that we held the Twinkies to 1 run and we had baserunners. All we needed was one good hit, but it never came. Here’s hoping for the split today, but really, it’s getting hard to watch games now. Go White Sox!

The big “myth” in all this is the ridiculous belief that the Sox are loaded with talent. This is the same team as last year with the addition of a slugger who strikes out 175 times a year and the replacement of some average bullpen arms with some other average bullpen arms. Plus, the team is short one of its top starters (Peavy) due to an injury and it is unknown when he will be back or how effective he will be. The rush by fans and the media to anoint this team as a sure-fire division winner mystified me then and continues to mystify me now.

tc, I have to disagree regarding your comment about talent. To wit:
League leader in SB in 2010 starting in LF. 3 time all-star starting in CF. All-star 3 years ago starting in RF. Silver slugger winner in 2010 starting @ SS. 2nd in ROTY voting 2 years ago starting @ 2nd base. 4 time all-star starting @ 1B. 2 time all star starting @ catcher. No less than a three time all star pitching (MB) and another all star last year (MT) in the pen. Oh, and BTW, I haven’t even included the “slugger who strikes out 175 times a year” because he has also averaged 40 HR for the last 6 years or so. Peavy one of the Sox top starters? Don’t think so. He was 4-4 before he got hurt. Can’t speak for anyone else but I never anoited this team as a “sure fire” division winner. That said, I do think there is plenty of talent on this team. They have just not played like it.

Buster, this team had 86-87 wins in them at the most when this season started. And that still might be enough to win a horrible A.L. Central. Using All-Star as your criteria means very little. Being selected to an All-Star Game does not make you the best player at your position.

The team won fewer than 90 games last year and did little to change the central figures that produced that finish. Granted, there is some talent. Konerko is a solid, star player. Ramirez is loaded with ability and will warm up. Rios is talented but very inconsistent. Quentin puts numbers on the board but usually at meaningless times (with the excedption of ’08). Pierre is a below average fielder with speed but no eye at the plate. Morel is just a kid. Beckham has yet to develop into a solid, everyday player. A.J. is on the downside of his career but still a hard-nosed player.

The pitching is average at best. No one capable of more than 15-16 wins. The bullpen has underproduced dramatically in the first month.

So, what does that make the Sox? A very average team.

But I guess that if we fire our hitting coach, all of our problems will go away . . . .

And it has to be all Ozzie’s fault because he speaks with an accent and has kids that misbehave.

We have played less than one fifth of the season. If this were the NFL, we’d be 1-2 right now. And how many 1-2 teams are considered washed up after that point of the season?

Yes, I think that this team was severely overrated. But, no, I am not giving up. And I will never give up in May.

tc, glad to see that we’re back on our disagreeable footing.
Still doing that night time gig, eh?
Nobody said “if we fire our hitting coach, all of our problems will go away”. Greg Walker hasn’t swung a bat in what 25 years? The atrocious hitting (or basic lack of offense) is not Walk’s fault, nor is the crappy bullpen Coops fault. Neither has anybody said “all Ozzie’s fault because he speaks with an accent and has kids that misbehave.” Not sure what Ozzie’s accent or kids have to do with the current Sox woes.
Your analogy to the NFL is neither appropriate nor relavent. Winning a single game to get back to .500 in the NFL and winning 10-11 staright in MLB to get back to .500 are not the same thing.
“A horrible AL central”? Granted, it’s still early but I think the Tribe and their fans would probably dis-agree.
I still think that this upcoming road trip will determine whether “it’s still early” or “it’s too late”. Historically the Sox do not do well on these West Coast swings, most especially in Oakland.


The comments above were directed at comments made by various “fans” in the past who seem to blame everything on ridiculous things such as Ozzie’s accent, his family, etc. Of course, I was saying that in jest . . . .

And the Sox don’t need to win 10 or 11 in a row. Sure, they need to do better than play .600 ball the rest of the way to tun things around and that is not very likely. But it is still way too early to throw in the towel. And Cleveland has played well but it is still a long road for them.

So TC this team is the worst in baseball. And if it is never the coaches fault because “they haven’t swung a bat in 25 years” or “They are not on the field”. Then what the hell ARE they responsible for. I want that job then. There has never been an attitude of accountability on this team toward the coaches. It has been a good ole boys club of coaches for a long time.
No Tc this is not the worst team in baseball, but they are playing like it.

I have to agree. If Greg Walker isn’t responsible for a terrible offense then why the heck are the Sox paying him? I don’t care if firing him doesn’t make our offense better at all, at some point someone other than the players need to be responsible. Otherwise, what’s the point of having coaches on staff?

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