Go West

Monday, May 9, 2011

California or Bust

Heading out tomorrow to catch up with the team in Anaheim and then Oakland.  Looking forward to time with the team on the road — the schedule and vibe are just different from at home.  After travelling on almost every trip from 1991 through 1997 and then a little more sporadically, I do miss the flow of a road trip (of course I can do without the 2 and 3 am arrivals at times)!

So I hope to post and keep you updated from the west coast over the rest of this week.


I talked to a good friend today who had recently been in Cuba.  He saw more White Sox caps than anything else during his trip (the Washington Nationals were second) and that the very first conversation he had with a Cuban was about the White Sox and Alexei Ramirez.


Hey Scott like I have said it before and I will say it again win or loose im always going to be the fan that I am to The Chicago White Sox. I am also very proud to be a part of The Chicago White Sox Volunteer Corps. Despite all the negativity from people who post here on your Blog or Twitter an Facebook, those are the same people that I myself call “Pancakes”. They love to flip alot they are not true true fans of The Chicago White Sox. I can never see myself bashing my team like this. Ill be the first to say I take my team with heart, pride, and most of all with great respect for what the entire White Sox Organization is all about and for what it stands. The pride and commitment I have seen over my years of being a Chicago White Sox Fan, this I thank The Great Carlton Fisk. He is the reason I am the biggest White Sox Fan that I am today.

Amen, Juan! Now let’s do to the Halo’s what they did to us three weeks back….. Go Sox’11……j.k.

Yea! Sox win. As Bench says: that’s three in a row! Keep it going tomorrow, JohnnyD and Go Sox’11…..j.k.

Bats are starting to warm up. Pitching has been consistent for much of the last week. Time to start chipping away at that sub-.500 record and inch our way closer to break-even.

Patience at the plate and patience with the schedule. That is what the Sox need.

Dare I ask for 4 in a row? Don’t stop now boys. Go White Sox!

Three wins = three posts. You can’t say anybody is OWED anything, but the way Danks has pitched, he should certainly have had at least one W by now, so keep getting those hits Boys and let’s support JohnnyD tonight with a win…. Go Sox’11….j.k.

Lovin’ this win streak, hope it keeps going all week!

Really? There’s not a pitcher out there worried about Adam Dunn.

Dare I ask for 1 in a row? Anyway, all joking aside, this is just one game we were destined to lose. But I agree with JK, if Danks had any kind of run support this year, he’d have a few wins, let alone just his first.

But today is the day. Peavy is back! And hopefully his intensity will bring a spark to the team. I know the staff is still taking it slow with him, but here’s hoping for a great season debut tonight for #44. Go White Sox!

I guess I need to be more negative on players, Dunn 3 for 4 tonight. I love it when they prove me wrong.

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