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Friday, May 13, 2011

From White Sox pre-game notes:

  • Tom Paciorek, who serves as color analyst in the White Sox TV booth from 1988-99, re-joins former partner Ken Harrelson in the booth for this three-game series in Oakland as Steve Stone takes the weekend off.
  • The Sox are 8-1 in their last nine games played on a Friday the 13th, dating to a 7-2 victory on 7/13/01 at the Cubs.
  • Starting pitcher Phil Humber has allowed three hits or fewer while throwing at least 7.0 IP in three straight starts, one of only two Sox pitchers in history to accomplish the feat, tying the great Bill Pierce (5/30-6/8/57).  No Sox pitcher has ever done it over four starts.  Humber is trying tonight.
  • The Sox have gone 6-5 in their last 11 games in Oakland entering tonight, compared to 6-28 in their previous 34.  The White Sox are 24-19 playing at Seattle, Los Angeles and Oakland since 2008, including a 10-7 record since 2010.  By contrast, the Sox were 24-64 (.273) on the road vs. the Mariners, Angels and A’s from 2001-07.


Well, I wore my World Series cap and it brought luck! Felt the pressure from all my blog friends, glad to bring home a winner🙂

Had diamond level seats, & they were awesome! Got to see the team on their way to the visitors clubhouse, & told Q he was going to have a great game. And he made some super plays, so the prediction worked!

Thank you Peggy! You da Gal! The Boys had JUST enough to hold off the A’s, and this time did NOT falter in the end. A very exciting play with Crisp trying to steal home: way to go Matt and AJ in squelching that idea.

It was nice to see and hear “Wimpy” Tom Paciorek tonight. I laughed out loud when he said he was the last guy to get a cel phone, but did buy and Edsel! Then Hawk quipped that it was a used Edsel! Terrific banter: We’ve missed you Wimpy…..

We’re only ONE game under .500 on the road now. Keep it going Boys and get to that elusive level tomorrow afternoon. Go Gavin, Keep up the good work Peggy and go Sox’11….j.k.

So far, on the road trip, so good… It seems as though we are slowly but surely climbing out of the hole we dug for ourselves late last month…

By the way, I think that this may just be Morel’s last gasp at 3B… He has been pressing defensively, with the two errors in Anaheim that almost cost us… There HAS to be a third baseman in our system ready to go, because Viciedo is being groomed to eventually replace TCQ in RF… and “Cuban Missile 2” wasn’t all THAT great when we put him there last season…

There is a third baseman (and a first ballot hall of famer) on our club already. His name ? Omar Viszquel ! Why Beckam and Morel continue to play (if you want to call it that) every game while HOF Omar rides the bench is an absolute mystery to me! Beckam & Morel are both completely overmatched at this point at the plate. Send one or both to Charlotte to get some confidence back and play Omar every day (or at least until he says he needs a blow).

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Sox win! Way to go Boys! Thank you Peggy, I’ll try to return the favor later this year in Phx. Three series wins in a row, and on the road to boot. Now we MUST start playing better at home than we’ve done so far. A fourth of the season is over now and if we keep doing what (record wise) we’ve done so far, we’ll only have 68 wins at years end. THAT won’t happen, but we do need to play better at home. Go Edwin and go Sox’11….j.k.

I agree Buster, Omar is the best choice at third. Maybe because of his age Ozzie does not think he can play everyday. I have not seen anything that would make him think that, but then Ozzie is with him everyday. Good news is we are winning series now. And I see batting averages going up, I look forward to much better things.

I agree Vizquel should be playing more because the Sox play better with him in the lineup. But you can’t foot Father Time. At 44, he will need more rest than others to stay fresh for a whole season. When Teahen is healthy again, then maybe Morel is sent down the next time a roster spot is needed.

Vizquel has had a great career but just because Hawk says he is a first-ballot Hall of Famer doesn’t mean he should be a fixture at third. Play him most of the time, I agree. But we must think about our future at that position too and that is apparently Morel since Viciedo does not appear to be a big-league third baseman. Viciedo is a talent without a position. Kind of like Dunn.

Bench, Buster, TC…I can’t really add on to what you all have said already, other than I agree that Vizquel is producing now and should play more than Teahen and Morel in the short term. But, as you have also said, his age is definitely a factor in how much playing time he’ll get.

This was a very impressive road trip. 3 series wins and tbh, I was only expecting one. The bats seem to be coming back alive as well. Santos is definitely our closer and while we had a scare yesterday, he has still not allowed a run in 19 innings. I think someone mentioned about a month ago (it wasn’t me, but I was in agreement) that Thornton should return to his setup role and have Santos as the closer. And so far, the move has seemed to help both parties as Thornton is starting to pitch better as well.

Don’t stop now, boys. Let’s keep it up against Texas tonight. Go White Sox!

Way to go Peggy – you started that series on the right foot and while we didn’t sweep, I’ll take series wins every day of the week.

Ah, back home tonight so I don’t have to lose my beauty sleep to watch the entire games.

Let’s take tonight’s game and start this homestand on the right foot – I’ll be at Friday’s game to welcome back Uribe back to the Cell.

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