You Gotta Be Bleeping Me!

Monday, May 16, 2011


It’s 42 degrees as I write this — 42 degrees in mid May!  When we arrived at Midway Airport last night and got off the plane, the cold wind and temps shocked the system.  As we waited for our luggage to come off the United charter, we turned to popsicles.

“That’s OK,” someone said.  “Texas is coming here and those guys aren’t used to this.  This is our kind of weather!”

Anytime summer wants to show up, that would be fine with me.

Scoring Updates

Sure nice to get those Chicago Bulls scoring updates on the flight home last night.  Big win.

Enthusiasm is Contagious

Guys were certainly pumped coming off that 6-3 trip to the west coast, and Ozzie summed it up well yesterday when he said that our team owes it to our fans to play well at home.  It starts tonight.


Another dismal hitting night. How much longer do we have to wait for the Sox to do something drastic to shake this team up? Like what? Firing Greg Walker would be a start. Sorry, but somebody has to take the fall for this team’s atrocious hitting yet again for the second year in a row. Hitting coach is it.

Sorry folks but 5 hits off a guy who is 27-32 in his career and has a career 5.20 ERA and who throws his first career complete game shutout? Greg, you’re a nice guy but you have to go. Period.

What was most glaring about Monday’s loss was not the lack of hitting. That happens to every team — of course more to the Sox of late. The biggest thing I noticed once again was the difference in team speed. The Sox have very little. Texas has a lot.

Hitting goes into droughts. Speed never slumps.

So, while you are busy firing the hitting coach, see what you can do about finding some guys who can get on base and run a little.

I am not Greg Walker’s agent. I have no stake in his livelihood. If he gets let go, life moves on. But this thinking that the removal of a hitting coach can solve a team’s problems really baffles me. There are many bigger issues at play. But for years now, whenever the Sox hit poorly the same cries are out there. “Fire Walker!” I never knew that the “Big Man from Douglas” had such power over a team’s overall performance . . .

I heard about a week ago (and I can’t remember where, I think it was on the radio) that Konerko LOVES LOVES LOVES Greg Walker. He’s not going anywhere. Besides, these guys are major league hitters. If they don’t know how to hit by now, no hitting coach on the planet is going to fix them. We just have to be patient and wait it out. And it could be any other year and the story is the same. They will be hitting sooner rather than later. They never hit in the first third of the season.

Never said firing the hitting coach would fix things. I said this team needs to be shaken up and firing the hitting coach would do that. While it’s true that by the time these guys get to the majors their hitting skills are pretty much developed, it is not true that they can see what they are doing wrong when in a slump. When a whole team slumps, at the same time, over and over, it seems (to me at least) they are not making the correct (or any for that matter) adjustments, hence the need for a hitting coach. One of his primary functions is to identify and help correct bad (read slump) hitting habits. For this club to, en masse, continue to go into these slumps repeatedly is in fact, at least partly, due to the hitting coach NOT helping them adjust.

I’m not sure if this is the case, but I think Ozzie has the say so on his coaches. So, if Walker were to go it would be an Ozzie decision. And I just don’t see that happening.

A much better way to “shake up” a team would be to make a player move or two, not a coaching move. I know that Pierre is the only guy on the roster who even remotely fits the definition of a leadoff hitter. But Juan has been brutal since the first week or two of the season. The Sox did not call up Viciedo today to replace Teahen on the 25-man. So, the idea of Viciedo in the lineup in right field — the only place he could realistically play since he is not a big league third baseman, Konerko is entrenched at first and Dunn is making too much money to not be the DH — and moving Quentin to left apparently will not happen. But, if I were Ozzie, I’d like to see that move happen. Shoot, O. Cabrera was not a leadoff man either but we won a division with him batting there. Try Alexei there or put Omar there (when he plays) and see what happens. Pierre is not doing what a leadoff guy should do. And we need a bat like Viciedo’s in the lineup.

How about that?! Sox win! After looking moribund for the previous 13 innings, Brett Morel tied it up at three with his first HR of the year. Then in the ninth our newest player McPhearson got a single up the middle to send Gordon to third and thank goodness for the wild pitch that proved the winning run of the game. Enter Sergi-000 and this game is ovah!

Earlier I was going to suggest playing our home games somewhere else: Peoria( either Ill. or Az.) Indianapolis, Aurora, anywhere but at the Cell. But with a bit of luck, some (finally) timely hitting, good defense, gutsy pitching by JD and of course the DOGS, we win, and no movement is necessary for the time being.

Now it’s time to BEAT the Indians. We did it before at the start of the season and on the road too. It’s time to do it again starting tomorrow night. Go Jake and go Sox’11….j.k.

Brent Morel, welcome to the big leagues. Here’s hoping your huge night will be the team’s turning point at the Cell this season.

And John Danks, you didn’t get the win, you didn’t have good stuff, but you kept us in the hunt and gave us a chance.

Now, let’s knock off the Tribe a couple of times and start to inch our way back into the mix.

A hitting coach, as the name suggests, works with a team’s players to improve their hitting techniques and form. He monitors players’ swings during the game and over the course of the season, advising them when necessary between at-bats on adjustments to make. He also oversees their performance during practices, cage sessions, and pre-game batting practice. With the advent of technology, hitting coaches are increasingly utilizing video to analyze their hitters along with scouting the opposing pitchers. Video has allowed hitting coaches to clearly illustrate problem areas in the swing, making the adjustment period quicker for the player being analyzed. This process is typically called ‘Video Analysis’ in the industry.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


The only thing I can say is…Go Peavy and Go White Sox!

Nice work by Jake. Very encouraging sign. And Lillibridge continues to show his value. Nice catch in center and a hustling double. He adds some much needed speed to the lineup when he plays.

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