Stop, Drop & Roll

Friday, May 20, 2011


So at the start of each batting practice, the very first thing the team does, as an entire unit, is follow strength and conditioning coach Allen Thomas in a jog out to center field and back.

Today, on the return trip, Thomas and most of the team fell to the ground in mid run and rolled around in mock agony before getting back to their feet to finish the run.

I can only guess that this was the team mimicking Alexei Ramirez’s reaction last night to getting drilled with a pitch by Cleveland’s Fausto Carmona.  For anyone who saw it, poor Alexei reacted as if he was never going to play again.  Fracture, everyone thought, based on his reaction.  After some kind words from Herm and Ozzie, he dusted himself off, went to first base and then finished the game.

Apparently, someone noticed.  Just a guess.


Sergi-oops…. We’ll get ’em tomorrow….. Go Sox’11……j.k.

I have a story about Juan Uribe. He has been my wife’s favorite player since 2005, in a trip to spring training in 2007 she tried for a week to get his autograph, but no success, then on the day we were leaving we were having drinks with some friends by the pool of our hotel, and giving her a hard time about not being able to get the autograph. I went into the bar to secure some more drinks and wings, when I saw Juan in the bar talking to some ballplayers from the Dominican. I went outside and told my wife, of course at first she didn’t believe me but then she went into the bar and said “Juan” well it was like 2 lost friends Juan ran to her and gave her a big hug, I’m thinking what he H…. They talked, I get Juan a Corona, take a picture and we leave……..forgetting the autograph.
4 years later (last night) we go to the game our group is in the Bullpen Bar, I told my wife before we left bring that picture just in case. Before the game I look down the first base line and Juan is signing autographs, but we are stuck in the Bull Pen Bar, I call a young man over hand him the picture, a sharpie and $10 and ask him to get the autograph, he ran and squirmed through the crowd and got the last autograph Juan signed. Needless to say My wife was thrilled and I gave the young man another $5. See never give up.

What an awesome story! Juan is a cool guy. Posed for a picture with my son in Detroit. Very happily too! Looks like we are back on track today. Keep it going!!!

That’s more like it! Everybody was hitting the cover off the ball (save for Dunn), and Mark coasted to a nicely pitched win. Oh for one more of our 9 runs to be scored yesterday…… But, all we need is for the “good” Jackson to show up tomorrow for a nice 5-2 home stand. Come on Edwin and go Sox’11…..j.k.

Bench- great story!

I’m with you jk, if a couple of those runs from today could have come across last night, that would have made our trip to the Cell a little better, but we still had a great time.

Here’s to tomorrow and winning this series. That’s all we gotta do just keep winning series and before you know it….



Nice win today!! Let’s win the series on Sunday.

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