Sunday Notes

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Odds & Ends

Friday night’s scoreboard video (congrats to Jeff Szynal and company) was terrific as it celebrated Jon Garland and Juan Uribe’s time with the White Sox and thanked them for 2005.

Both Jon and Juan watched the video from the Dodgers dugout and then tipped their caps in response to the standing ovation from the White Sox crowd.

I had the chance to say hello to Jon before BP on Friday.  He was very touched by word that he and Juan were to be honored.

Golf In Venezuela

Thursday and Friday’s fog brought this hilarious story from Ozzie Guillen about golf in Venezuela.

“Where we play, one of the courses,” Guillen recounted, “Is very hilly.  You are in the mountains.

“And it’s always foggy on a few of the holes.  But the caddies are great.  They know the course.

“Here’s what they do.  On the tee, they put down a piece of paper or something to mark your line.  They put it a few feet in front of you and then tell you, ‘hit it here.’

Guillen is demonstrating this on the floor of the coaches’ room as he explains.

“So you tee off by hitting the ball into the dense fog.


“‘Shhhh.  Listen.’ And everybody stays silent waiting for the sound of the ball to hit.

“Ok, you’re in the fairway,” the caddies say.  “Or, uh-oh, you better hit again.  Or, sand, but you’re safe.

“It’s amazing.”

Too Much Information

So we were surprised to see coach Mike Gellinger head out to coach first base yesterday instead of Harold Baines.

What’s wrong with Harold? everyone asked.

We dutifully call down to the training room to find out what’s wrong.

“He’s been bothered by some tendinitis in his Achilles tendon,” is the report.

So we announce to everyone in the press box and on air that Harold is not coaching first base because of his sore leg.

An inning or two later we get a call from the training room.  While it is true that Harold is suffering from a sore heel, his heel is actually sore and in Baltimore because his son is graduating from college!

So, we explain again.

Today, I saw Harold in the coaches room before the game and congratulate him.

“Three down and one to go,” the proud father said, showing me a photo of his son from the ceremony.

I forgot to ask him about his Achilles tendon.


Fans may or may not have heard, but our Moose Skowron has had a tough at-bat or two recently as he has been fighting cancer.  Moose has been getting treated, feels great and is confident he’s got this beaten.  Today’s Chicago Tribune features a tremendous story on Moose.  It does a great job of capturing his personality, some of his hilarious stories and just how great an athlete Moose was during his playing career.  Well worth the read.

For any of you who want to send Moose a quick thought or note, feel free to post here and I will deliver.  Moose came out to the game yesterday to say hello and enjoy the White Sox victory and I called him today to congratulate him on the story.  He thought it came out quite well …


Good anecdotes, Scott. Thanks. Tell Moose to keep slugging, and that Tucson is rooting for him. The one Blog night I attended, Moose was a guest speaker and he had me and the rest of the conference room in stitches. THAT type baseball personality is so rare and must be cherished. Go Moose’11, ’12, ’13, ’14, etc & etc……j.k.

Very nice home stand Boys. Way to go Alexei! Now we go out on the road again and stand only one game under .500. Win the first series in Tex. and we will be at break even away. Come on Marie, you can do as well as Peggy can’t you?

See you all again tomorrow night…..Go JohnnyD and go Sox’11…..j.k.

What is this 6 series in a row now? Sox warming up with the weather.
Send love and strength to Moose from the south suburbs. He put a smile on my face every encounter I’ve had with him. Praying for strenghth for you Moose!

Hope you’re feeling better soon, Moose! Looking forward to seeing you around the Cell and at the next Blog Night! Your stories about your playing days in the bigs are the best!

My family’s prayers are with you, Moose. Take care.

Yesterday was a great way to finish the homestand. And while we could have gotten a sweep over the weekend, we will lose games like friday’s every now and then. It’s just that those games are easier to swallow when your team is playing well. Don’t stop now boys! Go Johnny and Go White Sox!

Last time I bad mouthed Dunn on here, he went on a mini streak, so here it goes, how long can we afford to keep him in the lineup waiting for him to get his “groove”.

I’ll add to that, bench. Hawk mentioned A D’s nickname again tonight: “Grand Canyon”. What is a canyon? A BIG hole, and that’s what A D’s swing has….. A BIG hole in it….. There! I’ve badmouthed one of our players, and I NEVER do that, so Go Jake and go Sox’11….j.k.

Say what you want about John Danks (and no he isn’t a hard luck pitcher) , but with an ERA of 4.34 (his worst in 4 years) and an 0-7 record he is rapidly becoming the Sox biggest liability (more so even that Adam Dunn). Sending him to Charlotte is not a bad idea, at least until he figures out how to pitch again.

Buster, the way Danks pitched last night it wasn’t hard luck, he was damn lucky he didn’t get hit twice as hard.

Well, that was certainly worth staying up late for. Nice win in difficult conditions. Quentin picking up some of the offensive slack. Nice bullpen work.

We’ll see how Floyd responds tomorrow afternoon, knowing that the bullpen was heavily taxed tonight.

Moose – our thoughts and prayers are with you as you battle that lung cancer. You are the bright spot of every Blog Day, every broadcast you pop in on either on the radio or TV. Kick that cancer in the a$$ and get better soon! We all love you!!!

Marie and family

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