Only AJ

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

If You Missed It


Even I couldn’t hang on for the win last night/ earlier this morning, bu it was good to see that we did just that. Monster game by Q too. It is pretty amazing that the Sox haven’t lost a game due to weather yet this year. With all the cold, rain, hail, fog, high winds and snow flurries, we’ve managed to play them all. Here’s hoping for a good outing by Gavin and some more offense by the rest of the Boys…. Go Sox’11….j.k.

There are only a few things I have to say…Atta boy, TCQ! Go Gavin and Go White Sox!

Well, we can’t get the BIG hit to win the game, but Toronto insisted on giving it to us. What a break! Maybe they will even out by the end of the year. Whew! Now, come on Mark and go Sox’11…..

P.S. (third place)….shhhhhhhh….j.k.

We needed a break to fall our way for once, but a W is a W no matter how you get it. And Dunn has got me thinking about what the record is for golden sombreros in a single season. I hope he can turn it around soon because he wasn’t brought over to be a short term fix. But enough doom and gloom. Go #56 and Go White Sox!

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