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Friday, May 27, 2011

Clearing the Inbox

Spent Monday at Ron Kittle’s Indiana Sports Charities golf outing at beautiful Briar Ridge Country Club in Schereville, Ind.  While our team didn’t break any club records, we did have one golfer, Ruth K. walk away with both Closest To The Pin awards!  A great day — the sun actually was shining — and a great cause.  Thanks to Kitty for again pulling the event together.


Very saddened to hear the news about Kansas City’s Paul Splittorf.  Just this spring, in one of the last games in Arizona, I shared a broadcast booth with him during our game and we talked about both the Royals and White Sox.  At the time, I had no idea he was battling cancer — that news came out later — and he looked and seemed fine.  For him to die less than two months later is shocking.  Paul was a very kind, very gentle man.  If you asked most fans to name the Royals all-time winningest pitcher, I doubt many would offer Paul.  A solid performer on many very good KC teams.

Remembering Daryl

Wednesday, I attended the memorial service for WMAQ-TV’s Daryl Hawks, who passed away on May 12 much too early and surprisingly while covering the Bulls playoff game in Atlanta.  His smile, energy and enthusiasm was contagious.  As part of the service, Art Norman read comments from the various professional teams and he quoted a letter from Kenny Williams.  Here is the note in its entirety:

                                                                                                                           May 25, 2011

 To the Friends, Colleagues & Family of Daryl Hawks,

 The sudden and shocking news of Daryl’s passing on May 12 touched everyone in the Chicago White Sox family.  Such an untimely death naturally leads to sadness, but today’s gathering also should celebrate Daryl, his life and his passion for all things sports.

Just last month, Daryl joined us at a special luncheon and forum at U.S. Cellular Field to commemorate Jackie Robinson’s breaking of Major League Baseball’s “color line” in 1947.  In addition to his usual outstanding job as emcee of the event, Daryl expressed to many of us how honored he was to be asked to play a role in celebrating someone as special as Jackie and an event as historic as the anniversary of Robinson’s debut at Ebbets Field.

Only at the event did we learn that April 15 also was Daryl and Sandy’s anniversary and that he and Sandy had agreed to volunteer his time that afternoon before beginning their own special celebration that evening.  A willingness to sacrifice his own personal schedule for the benefit of others that day says everything about Daryl Hawks and how he approached his too-short life.

To Sandy, the children and all of Daryl’s family members, please know that his smile, his energy and his love for life and for his profession were contagious to all he met.  I am confident that those are personality traits you will carry with you for the rest of your lives, and with each memory, hopefully one day comes a smile.

On behalf of everyone affiliated with the Chicago White Sox organization, please accept our heartfelt sympathy and condolences.  We all have lost a good friend.


Ken Williams

Senior Vice President/General Manager

Chicago White Sox

 Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Daryl’s family and his colleagues at WMAQ during this tough time.  Their ability to come together and speak to eloquently about Daryl on Wednesday was so very impressive.


I always tell this story about traveling to Toronto.  One year, we twice had to go from Texas to Toronto on a road trip with no off day.  Now, because of the heat in Texas, they avoid day games.  Not just avoid them, they even start their night games at 7:35 pm.  And believe me, when you are flying out after the game, every half hour matters.

So we play our usual three hour, 40 minute game against the Rangers, wait 45 minutes, bus to the airport, wait for the bags to load, take off, fly to Hamilton, Ontario (because Toronto’s airport closes at a certain hour due to noise restrictions), land, go through customs (we once, long ago, had to wait at customs because one of our guys was carrying more than 10K in cash you are allowed … never asked), bus the hour to Toronto, check in and lay my head down on the pillow at 6:15 am with a game that night at 7:05 pm.  The sun was already up by the time we went to bed.

And we did that twice in a season!

ACE Star

Kudos to catcher Blake Hickman of Simeon High School and our Amateur City Elite travel team on national recognition!  A star is about to be born and you read it here first.  The best thing about Blake — and Kenny Williams told Blake’s mother this when they talked earlier this year — is that he was raised correctly and is a gentlemann and a scholar first, baseball player second.


Leave it to kids.  On the way to the Bulls game last night with my daughters (my son had a mandatory choir concert, so you can imagine how happy that made him!), and my youngest says, “Will we have to park where everybody else does?”  Several thoughts race through my head at once … have I failed as a father?  Is she that spoiled? I am about to start the Joe Black “You ain’t better than nobody and ain’t nobody better than you speech” when I look back and see she and her sister smiling broadly.

Before the game, I spring for “Rose #1” t-shirts for everybody.  They quickly pull them on for the game.

After the loss, we are walking out to the car and my youngest is not happy.  I figure it was the tough loss combined with the fatigue of staying up til 10:30 p.m.

No, it was the shirt.

“Everytime I buy a shirt, we lose,” she lamented, pointing out that just when she got her 2011 NCAA Women’s Soccer Championship shirt, her mom’s team got ousted from the tourney.  “I only get to wear these for one day.”

Life as a 10-year-old.


We are still trying to figure out what Edwin Jackson was doing.


Short and simple: Go Mark and go Sox’11…..j.k.

Haha, that’s so funny. It was on Sportcenter’s Not Top 10 this morning.

I just saw a replay of Beckham getting hit in the face. Oh my gosh! I hope that he’s okay! I may be showing my fan-girl side here, but I want to rush up there and make sure he’s okay!

All right, we’ve got it tied up, and the bases loaded with Paulie at the plate. We can do this!!

Too many guys on this club who are hugely overpaid and are just showing up to collect their paycheck. Alex Rios is at the top of that list but he’s not the only one.

Lillibridge slipped on purpose. He wanted another web gem. Let’s hold ’em Thornton! Go White Sox!

Another tough loss. Thornton could NOT get ONE out and to me that is one of the reasons we lost today. Crain gave up the big hit that cleared the bases, but he had NO wiggle room and it looked like Juan closed his eyes going after the ball in left center. Lilly and Morel both hit the ball well, but I guess they will both be benched for Sundays game? That’s happened before. We scored enough runs to win today, but we gave up more! What’s going on here? I’m becoming confused and dispirited! This team seams to be in somewhat of a chaotic mode. Visquel at first??

O.K. settle down jk: Sale pitched well. Lilly and Morel played well. Juan and Alexei have been the best hitters we have the past two weeks. (can’t count on our 3-4-5 lately). And of course out starting pitching has been solid (except for Jackson). Now I’m getting even more confused…….. Time is not on our side anymore Boys: we need to start putting ALL aspects of the game (hitting, fielding, pitching, relief) together, and soon…… Come on JohnnyD and go Sox’11…..j.k.

I have seen enough of John Danks. He is beyond awful. Send him to Charlotte until he regains some confidence and rembers how to pitch. PLEASE!

Hey, Adam “FLOP!” Dunn, don’t let the door hit you in your big rear end on your way out…and take Alex “i don’t care’ Rios with you. How many games have the Sox lost because Ozzie Guillen keeps batting Dunn in late-inning ‘game’ situations!?? DUH! Legally, we can’t pinch-hit for Dunn…i.e. Mr. Golden Sombrero?!?

That’s enough for me. 9-2: see you all tomorrow folks…. Go Jake? go Sox’11?…..j.k.

Danks was exactly right with what he had to say about Bautista’s childish actions. Unfortunately, too many players pull this crap on a regular basis, including our very own A.J. Pierzynski.

These guys all need to grow up and be thankful for the chance to make millions of dollars playing a kid’s game.

Sorry TC but danks has no business saying anything to any other ballplayer about anything. He needs to spend ALL his time and effort trying to measure up to the millions the Sox are paying him to being a winning pitcher, NOT somebody who is 0-8 with an ERA over 5!


I don’t care what Danks’ record is, he was exactly right in telling Bautista to run the damn bases!!!! Just because his team is ahead 9-2, he does not have the right to show up the other pitcher.

Danks has struggled but he showed a lot of class yesterday and kept battling even after falling behind 9-2. The guy is a competitor and cares about winning and losing. He shows up, works hard and does his best. With a few hits here and there by his teammates he would be 4-4 instead of 0-8.

And if he were 4-4, you would probably be pushing him for the All Star Game. Numbers — especially won-lost records — don’t accurately reflect how a pitcher is throwing.

Don’t know what game you were watching. I saw the play and Bautista was pissed at himself, nothing more. If danks wants to start yelling at guys for not “running the bases” here’s a start, why doesn’t he try telling rios, dunn, AJ and Alexi to run out ground balls and popups! They are all guilt of the same thing as Bautista and I have NEVER see an opposing pitcher barking at them!
John Danks – 2011
Salary = $6,000,000, that’s right $6,000,000
Record in 2011 = 0-8, career 46-52
ERA 5.25 (highest on the Sox (by far))
Sorry but danks needs to DO HIS JOB, keep his yap shut and start winning some games. It is NOT danks job to tell Bautista (or anybody else for that matter) ANYTHING! PERIOD!

But, on a more positive note: the White Sox win tonight! Nice job by Jake and even Matt got four outs to end the game. RBI contributions from Alexei, Paulie, Q, and AJ. How about we do it (win) again tomorrow night! Keep up the good work Humber and go Sox’11…..j.k.


You need to read posts a little more closely and stop obsessing with won-lost records and ERAs which don’t mean a hill of beans to a baseball scout. In my original post, I ripped A.J. for doing the same thing. He slams his bat down frequently and I think that is bull***t as well.

I think it’s about time a pitcher says something to a batter that pulls a selfish, bush-league stunt like that. And I applaud Danks for doing it.

I don’t applaud Danks for his performance this year. I don’t care about the 0-8 record so much because he had very little offensive support in some of those losses when he pitched well and he was the victim of our porous bullpen a time or two in April.

Right now, it is his mental outlook and confidence that is hurting more than his pitching ability. I think he should be the one to go to the ‘pen next week when the Sox are supposedly going back to the five-man rotation. Maybe a break from the starting routine and the chance to come into a game and pitch in middle relief for a while will help him sort out his problems.

I see and hear nothing bad about his attitude. In fact, it appears (at least publicly) that the team’s attitude has remained good and upbeat throughout this difficult start. That is a testament to the leadership from guys like Konerko, Buehrle and Vizquel and the way that Ozzie and the coaching staff are working with them.

But they have their work cut out for them. The season is over a third of the way done and they need to win at least 62-65 more games to have a shot at winning the division. They need to start hitting more consistently and start doing that now.

“obsessing with won-lost records and ERAs which don’t mean a hill of beans to a baseball scout”?
Who cares what a “scout” thinks. I am a fan, and a lifelong one at that. Other than the entertainment value of watching baseball, I care a hellofalot about the Sox won/lost record, so yeah when danks is 0-8 (for whatever reason) in 12 starts it bothers me a lot. danks isn’t paid $6,000,000 to have a good attitude, to bring his own sense of hitters justice to the mound, to bark at opposing players or anything else. HE’S PAID TO PITCH AND WIN!!! THAT’S ALL!!! When he starts doing what he’s being paid (rather handsomely I think) to do, then maybe, and it’s a big maybe, does he get a pass (from me) to call out another ballplayers actions. To point out that danks is a victim of, and his record is a reflection of, poor defense, crumby hitting, etc, etc, etc. is like saying if the Sox hadn’t already lost 30+ games we’d be in first.
You have your take on this issue, I have mine. As per usual we don’t agree. I’ll just leave it at that.

Is it buried? Is the hatchet buried now? Can we ALL agree that we ALL want Phil Humber and the White Sox to win tonight in Boston? I think we can. Go Sox’11….j.k.

Well, I don’t think anyone is questioning someone else’s loyalty to the White Sox. What we ALL have in common is that we badly want this team to win. And I don’t mind debate, as long as it’s healthy. When people start taking it personal is when you run into problems. But while I may disagree with someone’s comments, they have a right to their opinion. As long as they’re rooting for the White Sox, they’re okay in my book.

That being said, I do think we have had opportunities this year to win games and we have let them slip away…either to poor hitting, bullpen issues, or just plain bad luck. Do I like where we are in the standings? No. Do I think we can go on a streak and cut into the Indians’ lead? Maybe. Right now, I’m just glad to be looking at a 10-1 White Sox lead and seeing Humber making Ozzie’s rotation decision tough, yet again. Go White Sox!

Okay, that’s the last time I’m making a comment for a while. My last two comments have resulted in runs for the wrong team! Bring it home guys. Go White Sox!

Sorry guys. I didn’t mean to have to make you all read my back-and-forth with buster. I just wanted to point out my thoughts that what matters is a team’s won-lost record, and not an individual’s record.

Seems many of my ideas strike a nerve with some others. I’ll sit back and just continue to follow the Sox and keep hoping that little-by-little they keep their focus and start cutting into the Indians’ lead.

Love the way we have played in Fenway the last couple of years. Many so-called fans on other boards and on the radio shows were giving up all hope for any wins in this series after the way things ended in Toronto. But baseball is the most unpredictable game of them all and that is one of the reasons why I love it so.

Great job by Humber and some nice clutch hits tonight with runners in scoring position. Would love to get a sweep and come home and pick up where we left off on the last homestand.

That’s two in Boston so far. We need a good outing from Gavin to get the sweep and move back to – 4 in the win/loss column. No way can you take Humber out of the rotation after what he has done so far this year. Keep it at six or move JohnnyD or E-Jax into the pen if you must. But enough of that speculation. We have a Ball game to win! Come on Gavin and go Sox’11….j.k.

Well, how about that?! White Sox win! First: nice come back by Gavin after a shaky start to the game. Second: the way Lilly is playing right now, don’t you have to find a place for him in the daily lineup? Third: Hawk keeps talking about Paulie’s 16K sq. ft. house in Scottsdale. As many times as he’s mentioned it recently, you’d think it was at least 160K sq. ft. or maybe the size of the Taj Majal. Fourth: great way to remove the sour taste of the last three games in Toronto and get some mo coming back to face the Tigers. Fifth: have a great day off everybody and come back refreshed on Friday. Go Sox’11……j.k.

Really nice win. Lot of fight coming back after being down 3-0 @fenway.
Go figure, the Sox looked awful in toronto (as usual), come into beantown to play the hottest team in the AL and absolutely hammer the red sox (again).
danks needs to go to the bullpen for a while (if not charlotte) to get his head straightened out and lillibridge has to play somewhere every day. I swear this kid has no down side and always does something in the field or at bat to help this club.
btw jk, pk’s scottsdale house looks like the taj mahal (at least from the outside). I can only imagine what it’s like inside.
Roll Sox!

It’s been great to see Lilli in the lineup, his routes are suspect, but he is consistently hitting the ball hard. I can’t see how Lilli could play less than 4 games a week. Also, I believe the bullpen decision will come down to Danks’ & Jackson’s next starts.

I agree with what Bill Melton said on the postgame show today. Lillibridge has been terrific but he is not an everyday player. If he plays everyday, his production will drop. I love him in the role where he player 3-4 times a week, gives Quentin a spell in right and Rios a spell in center. Maybe he can do the same for Beckham at second if Ozzie doesn’t want to use Vizquel there.

Danks probably needs the bullpen assignment for a while. Just to get his confidence back. No way you send a veteran like him to Charlotte, unless he is rehabbing an injury.

Best part about today was the way Floyd settled down after giving up three runs and seven hits in less than two innings and then nearly blanked them the rest of the way.

Nothing better than beating my most despised team in the AL (and second-most despised team in baseball) three straight and soemthing like seven in a row in their own park.

Alexei is on fire and Konerko is playing like a team leader and stud should play. And Dunn may not be hitting but for some reason he still scares enough pitchers that he is drawing walks. Got one today late in the game from a lefty, no less. I guess his size and his history are still enough to gain some respect.

Hey, tc: living in Az. I don’t get the post game show, so thanks for the info from Beltin’ Bill. I hope Ozzie does use Lilly 3 or 4 times a week. That would be about 1/2 the games and many more than he was playing earlier. You have to use the hot hand and right now Lilly is hot, both with the bat and the glove.

Gotta win two of three from Detroit to start this home stand. We used to own the Tigers, but not so lately. Start us off right Mark! go Sox’11…..j.k.

Right guys. Let’s only play Lilli 3-4 times a week (he’s not an every day player), but let’s keep running our $20,000,000 CF who’s hitting .200 with 13 (13 for god’s sakes!) rbis out there every day. Makes a whole lot of sense to me.

Sorry, I forget we can only compare salaries – Rios $12,000,000, Lillibridge $400,000. God knows we can’t sit rios but we must sit Lillibridge! No wonder this team isn’t .500!

Right, sit Lillibridge – hitting .302, 6 HR and 11 RBIs
play rios – hitting .200, 4 HR and 13 RBIs

And finally, Lillibridge 5 SB, rios 4 SB. BTW Lillibridge has played in fully half the games rios has. But let’s only play Lillibridge 3-4 times a week, he’s not an every day player, but rios certainly is. Sheesh!!!

Who said that Rios should be playing everyday? Ozzie sat him yesterday and probably will do so some more unless Rios starts hitting.

Lilli can play there twice a week, give Quentin a break once a week, and do the same for Pierre in left and Beckham at second.

It’s very clear Ozzie says rios should be playing every day.
SOX have played 58 games. rios has played 55, Lillibridge 34.
rios has 209 AB, Lillibridge 65. In every offensive category Lillibridge has outperformed rios while playing half as many games and having a third as many AB. Far as I can see, Lillibridge is also equally effective defensively playing the OF. The kid glides over the ground and plays CF easily (at least as well as rios) , as well as RF & LF. Playing Lillibridge 2/week in CF, 1/week in RF, 1/week LF, 1/week at 2B sounds like 5/games/week. That sounds like an every day player to me. Pray tell what does Lillibridge have to do to be an every day player? Teach rios how to hit? None of the Sox other OF can play every OF position. Neither can any of the Sox IF play any outfield position. If Lillibridge doesn’t deserve, and hasn’t earned, the right to be an every day player, who on the Sox (other than PK) has?

Settled….Lilli DH’s…..Rios plays til he gets his swing back…Dunn replaces the bat boy…seriously has anyone noticed that Quentin squints when he is at bat, maybe an eye test is in order.

Well, all I can say is we got a heck of a big series starting tonight. We’ll either be way back of the kittens or right there with with them. Hey, just heard Brandon Inge went on the DL, can only help us out.



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