Very Special Thanks

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thank you” isn’t saying anywhere close to enough after several hundred White Sox Volunteer Corps members worked together today to renovate two local Chicago Public Schools and a Boys & Girls Club.

Several Sox players, coaches and announcers donated their time, including Matt Thornton, John Danks, Phil Humber, Brent Morel, Juan Nieves and Darrin Jackson.

The Volunteer Corps members painted, created murals, performed landscaping work and light construction to renovate and beautify all three locations … all in 95-degree heat.

Quote of the day came from a volunteer who interrupted his mural painting when Danks walked past.

“Hey, John,” the volunteer called out.  “Can I show you how to paint the corners?”

I walked into the White Sox clubhouse today to encounter clubhouse manager Vince Fresso.

“C’m here,” he said.  “Something I want to show you.”

“Is this a good thing or a bad thing?” I asked, knowing the answer.

Vince holds up John Danks’ pinstripe jersey.  A broad brush stroke of maroon paint covers the back of the jersey’s right shoulder.  Vinnie starts to laugh.

“Someone got a little too involved in today’s appearance.”

So I went to John.

“Now I have to pay for your jersey,” I joked.

“Don’t blame me, it was Thornton,” Danks responded smiling like a 10-year-old.




We need to start another 4 game win streak. Come on Jake and go Sox’11…..j.k.

We were at the volunteer event, serving at the Attucks school. Matt Thornton began his speech by thanking the fans for not booing him and John Danks, so when they walked down our hallway to see our mural painting, I called out, “Matt, we would never boo you and Johnny, you’re going to win your first game on Monday.” John replied, “I hope you’re right.” And I answered, “I’m always right!”

Please pass along my thanks to Johnny Danks for not making a liar out of me!!

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