Sunday Stuff

Sunday, June 5, 2011


One of this season’s “All In” television commercials features footage of the game last year when Paul Konerko was struck in the face by a pitch, yet stayed in the game and later homered.  During the spot, PK shows tiring runners a film clip of his resilience and they are motivated to keep running.

Paulie has played with an occasionally sore wrist for some time now — it’s just one of those things veteran professional players battle — but it grew worse Friday night.  Scratched from the lineup, he headed over to Rush Hospital for a procedure on the wrist.  Amazingly, we were told he could possibly pinch-hit once he re-gained feeling in the wrist.  Saturday, it was still sore and he sat out the game, but here he is Sunday, driving in a run with a first-inning double.


The June 6 edition of The Sporting News included a profile Q&A of White Sox great Robin Ventura.  Among his answers that caught my eye as “typical Robin” were …

Favorite Physical Attribute About Myself: I did make a living hitting, so my eyes — not the color but the function.

And least: I have a very large back yard — that was usually the butt of every joke.  Pardon the pun.

Robin mentioned in the piece that he bookmarks, Baseball America and  Other RV answers:

My bucketlist: I like sports.  Having played, now I get to go to games as a fan, and I enjoy going and watching things.

My motto: When people are stressed out, I just tell them to relax.

A perfect answer from RV, the most laid-back professional athlete I have ever met.  Check out The Sporting News for the entire interview and keep your eye open for other RV news this summer.

Lilly Bridge

Yet another amazing defensive play by infielder-turned-outfielder Brent Lillibridge last night.

The Oakland Raiders

Did you know White Sox closer Sergio Santos grew up a fan of the Oakland Raiders?  Must be something about black and silver.

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