Draft Day

Monday, June 6, 2011

Draft Day

Tonight is the start of Major League Baseball’s annual June First-Year Player Draft, and the first White Sox pick (47th overall) will come at around 9:30 pm CT, sandwiched between the first and second rounds.  You can follow the draft on mlb.com and the MLB Network, and I will offer a few thoughts from inside the White Sox draft room via twitter (@whitesox).  The draft continues Tuesday and concludes Wednesday.

With Chris Sale (1st, 2010) and Gordon Beckham (1st, 2008) well along in their Major League careers, it’s pretty easy for White Sox fans to see the immediate impact of the draft.  But obviously, fans know that kind of return is rare, with most draftees taking years to reach the big leagues.

Heading into tonight, it is interesting to take a look at the White Sox 25-man roster.  A whopping 10 guys, including Sale and Beckham, were first round picks by someone.  Another, Mark Teahen, was a sandwich pick in 2002 (39th overall by the A’s), two rostered players were second rounders (Crain and Dunn) and two more were third rounders (Morel and AJ).  So 15 of the 25 players on the Sox roster were third rounders or better. 

Who is the highest pick on the current Sox roster (not counting Harold Baines who went first overall in the country in 1977)?  Would you guess it is pitcher Phil Humber, who went third in the nation in 2004 for the Mets.  The others in addition to Sale, Beckham and Humber: John Danks (first/ninth, 2003, Texas), Gavin Floyd (first/fourth, 2001, Phillies), Paul Konerko (first/13th, 1994, Dodgers), Carlos Quentin (first/29th, 2003, Dbacks), Alex Rios (first/19th, 1999, Jays), Sergio Santos (first/27th, 2002, Dbacks) and Matt Thornton (first/22nd, 1998, Seattle).

A More Important D-Day

Today really is D-Day twice over.  Not only is today Draft Day, but June 6, more importantly, is a day to commemorate, remember and thank a generation of Americans who helped fight World War II, beginning the liberation of Europe on this day 67 years ago.


Hats off to the thousands of my fellow Sox fanatics who booed Dunn & Rios over the weekend. I notice Hawk didn’t have anything to say about that. Bravo to all the fans yesterday who gave Dunn a standing ovation when he got a single. Awesome! Hawk went mute on that also. I see Ozzie has vowed to play Dunn & Rios till Hell freezes over. We’re all behind you, Ozzie—- WAY behind you!
Thank God our Sox play in the AL Comedy Central…otherwise the season would already be over.
Still time for a good homestand….7-3 or 6-4.
About 40,000 fans came disguised as empty seats during the just concluded 3-game series. Nice job, Brooks Boyer !
‘Mullet Night’ ? Zzzzz Wake us all up when you do something for we hundreds of thousands of TOTALLY ignored downstate Illinois White Sox fans !!

Bill K,

If booing players, making lame jokes and wisecracks, and ripping promotions done by the front office makes you feel better, than more power to you.

How is a promotion like Mullet Night (which I really can’t care any less about) any different for a fan in downstate Illinois than it is for a fan in Bridgeport???

Oh well, I’m more concerned with watching the club play than I am with the ridiculous act of booing a player because he made an out. If he fails to run hard, or takes a cheap shot at another player, or acts like a jerk on the field, then booing might be acceptable. I’ve never understood the rationale behind booing. But, if you pay the ticket price, you have the right to express your displeasure any way you like.

I’m not defending the poor play of guys like Rios and Dunn. They are not playing well and that is obvious. But I have yet to see either guy act like he is not giving an effort.

Come on JohnnyD: we need you to have a good outing ( you’re due)… Go Sox’11….j.k.

Way to go JohnnyD! Nice contributions from Morel, Lilly, AJ, Paulie and Q to mention a few. Now, let’s carry this over to beat their ace tomorrow night. Go Humber and go Sox’11….j.k.

Great game by Danks. He really deserved this win. Glad he finally got that monkey off his back. Was at the Cell tonight and watched a much improved defense and team. They seem to be coming together, minus Dunn of course. Hoping with a little more time he comes around. It really is painful to watch him right now. Enjoy the W gang!

Hey, “TC”, have fun being a Pollyanna! I was unaware that a fan buying a ticket isn’t allowed to boo horrible performances like Dunn (who is getting zillions of dollars!).
What are we suppose to do…applaud him being the biggest potential flop in my 50+ years being a hardcore White Sox fan?!? I lost track. Is he batting .168 or .171 now?!
Sox promotions? Reifert and Boyer have ZERO interest in any Sox fans south of I-80! We haven’t seen a Sox caravan in the Peoria area in 20 years(i attended it!).
They do ZERO to lure hundreds of thousands of downstate fans to the ballpark. Boyer couldn’t find Peoria, Bloomington, Springfield or Galesburg with a GPS.
but he does know where South Bend is….but i digress!
the Cubs are always ‘mining’ downstate area for fans….but not the attendance-challenged White Sox.
If Sox attendance falls below 2 milliion, Reifert and Boyer should quietly resign.

Finally, Danks gets his much deserved W! And I think Lillibridge needs a new nickname. Mr. Web Gem? Anyone else got anything better? Let’s take Round 2. Go White Sox!

Bill K, I indeed said that you have every right to boo. You paid for the ticket and that is your prerogative. I just don’t agree with it. To each his own.

With regards to the caravans in Peoria over 20 years ago, I agree with you. I was on that trip with the Sox players and brought Jim Fregosi and some players down there. Caravans, unfortunately, have gone the way of the buffalo in MLB although I think the Cubs still do a few. Nowadays, money-making things like the Cubs’ Convention, SoxFest, etc., seem to have taken over. I guess it is called progress.

I think, though, that the biggest factor hurting MLB attendance this year — across the board — is the economy. Poor play and poor weather is a factor but you get that every year at one place or another.

Bill K – what would you suggest for marketing promotions to lure downstate Sox fans to drive up and attend the games?

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