Picking Up Pieces

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ozzie Pregame

“We need to be patient,” manager Ozzie Guillen said of closer Sergio Santos.  “He’s a young pitcher and there are going to be games like that.  The question is, ‘How will he bounce back.'”

Guillen added that a game like last night is a test for the entire team, not just Santos.

“We need to remember that we just have to play good enough,” he said.  “We don’t have to put pressure on ourselves to play great.  Just good enough to win.”

70s Night Aftermath

It was unanimous in the clubhouse that Comcast Sports Net’s reporter Sarah Kustok sported the best 70s outfit last night.  She’s the one on the right.  Not sure who the other guy is …


Early BP

White Sox pitchers again took batting practice early before today’s regular hitting session.

“What a waste,” Guillen said.  “10,000 swings leading up to interleague play so that they can strike out twice and maybe bunt once before I pinch hit for them.”

“But what about Buehrle and Garland and their homers,” I counter.

“You think this matters,” Guillen answered with a sweep of his hand at the batting cage.

Soon after, Edwin Jackson launches a home run half way up the stands in left field.

“Wow,” Guillen calls out.  “You should have been a hitter, not a pitcher!”

“I was an outfielder,” Jackson answers.  “They made me into a pitcher.”


After a night and day to digest our latest giveaway game, I’ve made a decision. Here goes: The Sox either can or cannot win enough to make the playoffs this year. They either WILL or will NOT win enough to do so. I have absolutely NO control over what happens! I therefor refuse to continue to be emotionally involved in every single game. I WILL watch, but no more Happy, Sad, Anger, Bewilderment, Temper tantrum, Curse laden, Hand wringing, Gut busting, Breath holding, Finger crossing, Head shaking anxiety.

Intellectually I know all other teams have similar problems to ours, but it sure seems like we take this roller coaster ride to new and higher levels. NO more for me! I will pretend I’m watching the Pirates or the Padres, instead.There! No more problems! Wish me luck with this, won’t you? Now, Go JohnnyD and come on Sox…..j.k.

In a very composed and dignified manner, he says: Wooodt!, and, Go Phil and Sox’11….j.k.


That approach is much better for your sanity and your health!!! LOL!

Seriously, I have found that living and dying with every game is a terrible way to enjoy the wonderful game of baseball. There are 162 of these things and if you let the happenings of each one tie up your stomach, you miss out on the little things that make baseball such a great game. Like the fact that just 24 hours after letting one get away, the Sox came back and put things back into place. In no other sport does this happen on a regular basis.

Castro gives us another lift tonight. So does Lillibridge. And Crain got the job done, with help from Lilli’s glove. Nice win. Nice night. And another one in a few hours on Sunday.

You guys go ahead and be unemotional if you want. One of the greatest things about baseball is that it allows you to get emotionally involved (both good and bad) without ever putting yourself in harms way.
At the game last night knew Lilli made agreat catch but had to see the pics to see how far off the ground the kid jumped. Looks to me like he could have been a hellofa basketball player (maybe was).
Nice win against the biggest Sox nemisis of the last 10 years. Ozzie letting Crain pitch to Matsui in the 9th with Thorton warmed up and ready to go? Lunacy!

Nice bounce back by Santos. He struggled, but he battled and got it done. Gotta get the confidence back. Confidence is the best thing a closer can have. Confidence makes your best pitch even better and makes your poor pitches slip past the hitter a little more often.

Whew! That was close! I was waiting for a replay of the out at first, but they didn’t show it. No matter now, but I don’t think any of our other 3rd basemen gets him. Morel has a canon for an arm when needed. Only TWO games under.500. This has been a LONG slow climb back from the worst record in MLB, but there is still a long way to go to respectability. After all, we are only 31/2 games out of first because Cleveland has hit a wall. I look for them to fade and for us to be chasing Detroit. Enjoy the day off Boys, and let’s see if we can beat the Twinks for a change. (I’ve got us “penciled” in for a win against Minn and two vs. Az. Go Gavin and go Sox’11…..j.k.

Why didn’t Morel just step on third? Coco beat that out, that’s why we didn’t see the replay, but that’s baseball–sometimes you get the call and sometimes you dont. I’ll take it! 3.5 out guys. The summer is gettin hot!

Morel waited for that last bounce and by the time he fielded it, he may not have beaten the runner to the bag at third.

Hey, take a bad call in your favor once in a while. There certainly are enough of the others that go against us.

After watching the play live and watching the replay a dozen or so times the ump calls Crisp out, Sox win.
Let’s go into Minnesota and smack the twins around for a change.
I hate the GD twins.
Roll Sox.

A friend of mine made the comment to a cub fan that the Sox were 3 1/2 out. The cub fan’s reply was, that he wished The cubs were in the American League Central. So do I !!!

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