White Sox vs. Cubs Preparations

Friday, June 17, 2011

Information for next week’s Cubs vs. Sox series at U.S. Cellular Field

The Chicago White Sox are making the following recommendations to fans attending next week’s BP Crosstown Cup games vs. the Chicago Cubs:

  • Fans should arrive at the ballpark early to minimize delays.  Gates to the ballpark will open two hours prior to each game.
  • The White Sox strongly recommend that fans utilize public transportation.  The CTA Red Line stops near the ballpark at 35th Street, and the Green Line is just two blocks further east.
  • New this year is a Metra stop at 35th Street, just east of the Dan Ryan Expressway, along the Rock Island line.  For more information about the new Metra stop, its schedule and all public transportation options, please visit the “Getting to U.S. Cellular Field” page of whitesox.com
  • Also new at U.S. Cellular Field this season is the Bacardi at the Park restaurant near Gate 5.  Bacardi at the Park will open at 11 a.m. each day of the series.
  • Prepaid red coupons are accepted in Lots A, B, C and G, and prepaid green coupons are accepted in Lots F and L only.  Cash parking will be very limited when lots open (Lots G, F and L; Lot A in the early morning only).  Fans seeking cash parking should follow directional signs to available lots.  Cash parking is $23.
  • Limited overflow parking with free shuttle service will be available all three days at IIT.  Remote lots will open two and a half hours before game time and tailgating is prohibited.
  • Tailgating is permitted all three days in Lots A-L.  Parking lots open two and half hours before the start of each game. 
  • Fans planning to park and take the CTA downtown to work in the morning can park in Lot A (cash parking) starting at 5 a.m.  This option is for fans returning to the ballpark for the game.  Lot A is accessible from Wentworth Avenue between 33rd and 35th Streets.  Tailgating will not be allowed in Lot A until three hours before the start of the game, when the rest of the parking lots open.
  • Fans holding tickets for the upper level will not be able to access other levels of the ballpark.  This policy ensures fans safely and comfortably enjoy the game with access to the areas of the ballpark where they bought tickets.
  • In accordance with the Illinois law, smoking is prohibited in all areas of U.S. Cellular Field.  There is a designated smoking area outside of Gate 2 and Gate 5.  Those fans wishing to smoke must proceed to the ground level at the base of the ramps at Gate 2 and Gate 5.
  • A portion of Lot B at Gate 5 of the ballpark, north of 35th Street, is designated for cars displaying state-issued disability placards or license plates.
  • Alcohol cannot be taken from the park or consumed on public ways, in observation of city regulations.
  • Finally, the White Sox ask fans to be respectful of the neighborhood and homes surrounding the ballpark before and after games.



Alrighty, then! Got my tickets: check. Pick up friend on way to game: check. Drive to Phoenix; check. Purchase hot dog and beer: check. Do my BEST Peggy impersonation and root the White Sox on to victory: check. Enjoy the game and company: that goes without saying. Come back to Tucson and watch highlights of our win: check. The first four “checks” are in or about to be in the bank. The rest is up to Edwin and the Boys…..ready (yes I am) set (here I go) Go Sox’11…..Later all,,,,,j.k.

Once again a streak of silent bats, and it is nobody’s fault. It’s off to bed and I am going to take the blame for their inept hitting. What the heck huh?

Niobody’s fault? I’d say everybody that came to the plate tonight with the exception of Konerko. Yeah, Hudson pitched well but not well enough to hold the Sox to that effort.

Pierre may not be the one who is most at fault, but I would get him out of the lineup and bring up Viciedo and see if he can spark the offense. And play Vizquel a little more as well.

All MY fault! I just couldn’t get it done last night. I thought Paulie hit a HR in the first with two men on, but the ball settled into the left fielders glove for an out. Then good old Joe West was pivotal in securing the D-backs their first run by calling a balk. REALLY? From 2nd base? I knew we were in trouble when I saw him out there, but I wasn’t expecting a balk until todays game when he will be umpiring at first. BROTHER!. Jackson pitched pretty well, Hudson pitched better.

I will try again today, this time with my son. Maybe the two of us can get a W. Come on JohnnyD. How about more than three hits today Boys…. Go Sox’11……j.k.

For the money, there have been some pretty atrocious Sox acquisitions over the years (Billy Koch, Albert Belle, David Wells & Scott Linebrink to name a few – jury is still out on Peavy).
And I realize that i’ s only been approx. half season so far.
That said, Alex Rios is, by far (for the money) the WORST Sox acquisition of my lifetime.
First 2 months with the Sox – just awful.
Last year, slightly above average – but certainly not $12M worth.
This year – AWFUL! REPEAT AWFUL! = $12M/year. 4 HR, 5 SB, .204 BA and 15 whole rbis. Plus, he’s an average center fielder defensively.
Lillibridge is better (both offensively and defensively).
There may be many reasons why the Sox are so underachieving. This bum is the biggest one.
PLEASE SIT HIM and either put Lilli out in CF every day or give Jordan Danks a shot. PLEASE!

I agree wtih Rios except on your assessment of his defense. He is well above average. And Liilibridge is not nearly as good a center fielder. Yes, Lilli has made some spectacular plays but much of that is sue to his athleticism making up for either poor jumps, poor reads or poor positioning. I’m not knocking Lilli’s defense, but overall Rios is far better.

That said, Rios has contributed nothing offensively.

One other thing. I never judge a player by how much money they make. If management gives it to them, or if the baseball labor rules — i.e., arbitration — give it to them, then it is out of both the player’s control and the fans’ control. I expect big league players to play like big league players regardless of how much money they make. Hell, they all make inordinately more money than the average working still like me.

Rios could make $12 million or $800 thousand and to me it wouldn’t make a difference. He’s still hitting barely .200 and not getting the job done.

If I were the fantasy GM today, I’d release Pierre, bring up Viciedo. If I were the fantasy manager, I’d put Dayan in right, move Quentin to left, play Lilli in CF half the time and Rios the other half, play Vizquel at third at least half the time, play Lilli some at second and sit Beckham for a while. Then, I would make sure I had lots of beer in my fridge because being a GM or a manager in the big leagues today is a nightmare of a job and one that I would never want . . . . . .

Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while. So much for Rios offense for tonight. When a guy gets 25% of his SEASON rbis in one game I think it’s pretty telling.
As far as defense? Rios (.988) has a LOWER career fielding percentage than both 1) JP (.989), who arguably is an AVERAGE defensive outfielder at best and 2) Lillibridge (.989). How TC can say that Rios is “well above average” and “far better than Lilli” is beyond me.

Buster, fielding percentages only take in account balls you get to. Hell, Pierre doesn’t get to half the balls that Rios does. And he doesn’t even attempt to throw out runners, the area where more than half of all outfielders’ errors occur.

The numbers certainly don’t tell the while story. GM’s and managers don’t give a rat’s behind about an outfieder’s fielding percentage. They look at a guy’s range, his arm strength, etc.

Lillibridge may yet be a better outfielder than Rios but he has only played parts of two seasons in the outfield so we really can’t compare his defense to Alex’s yet.

Great play again by Lilli tonight. Saved the lead. He is becoming a very good outfielder. I love the guy. More than I like Rios. But if I had to pick a CF for defense for the seventh game of a playoff series, I’d still take Rios over Lilli. At least right now.

Nice job Saturday night by Danks (the hard-headed one), Konerko (as usual), Lillibridge’s glove, and (for a change) Rios’ bat.

But, most importantly, nice job by JK getting it done in the desert for Sox Bloggers around the country!!!!!!!

Ahem! Thank you tc for singling me out. Don’t forget my Son too though. He was with me tonight and even though he decided to root for the D-backs, it was the father/son mojo working that saved the day. What a gutsy game by JohnnyD tonight! Man! That ball came off his head so fast I was stunned watching it. And he stays in the game? Stay well Danks, we need you. And the Rios AB was probably the best he’s had all year. A much needed win and hopefully some momentum going into tomorrow and then back home for the Cubs. Still a shot at making it to .500 around 40-40. Come on Phil and keep up the hitting Boys. I was hoping for Lilly to have a good day at the plate to keep him in the line-up for a while, but I’m very happy he was in left for that blast (almost) over the fence. No catch, but kept the ball in the park.

Happy Fathers day all you Dads out there: And Peggy, I’ll try to do better next time the Sox visit Phx…. in six years?,,,,, later this year in the playoffs (read WS)? Boy am I dreaming……. Go Sox’11…..j.k.

Good job to JK and Son for getting us the W last night!

Johnny D was the MAN last night taking that ball off the noggin and staying in the game to pitch a gem!

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all you wonderful Sox Dads out there! You deserve a special day today and a victory so here’s to the boys getting you one! jk – are you going to today’s game?

Also, I like the feeling I get with Humber pitching the game today – I feel secure knowing he’s got the stuff to get the W. Two months ago I didn’t even know who he was and now? Well, let’s just say we are lucky to have him. Baseball is like a box of chocolates…….you just never know what you are going to get………even Rios can be a suprise treat now and then.

Nice win last night. Hope JD is OK, that was some shot he took off his head.
TC, I agree about bringing Dayan up and also playing HOF Omar more (as much as he wants to in fact).
Regarding your comments about Rios and Lilli & how GMs and Managers “don’t give a rat’s behind about an outfieder’s fielding percentage” I didn’t know that you spoke for GMs and Managers in mass. My understanding is that they, in fact, do give quite a bit of weight to fielding percentages as well as “range factor”.
Range Factor (commonly abbreviated RF) is a baseball statistic developed by Bill James. It is calculated by dividing putouts and assists by number of innings or games played at a given defense position. The statistic is premised on the notion that the total number of outs that a player participates in is more relevant in evaluating his defensive play than the percentage of cleanly handled chances as calculated by the conventional statistic fielding percentage.
Rios RF this year? 2.71
Lilli RF this year? 2.63
Statistically insignificantly different.
“Liilibridge is not nearly as good a center fielder. Yes, Lilli has made some spectacular plays but much of that is sue to his athleticism making up for either poor jumps, poor reads or poor positioning. I’m not knocking Lilli’s defense, but overall Rios is far better.”
Rios is “far better”? That claim flies in the face of the facts pal!
BTW, other than being as good as Rios defensively, Lilli does many other things to help this club win, not the least of which is HE HUSTLES ALL THE TIME, something I never see Rios do.
Guess Rios must be slowed down carrying all that money around.

Well, the Boys will have to win today without me and my son in attendance.(family commitments for Fathers day). But as always: I’ll be watching from my computer, or the TV D-backs feed, and I say, go Humber and go Sox’11…..

P.S. On Friday night the friend who went with me to that game predicted Paulies Homer and also said that Dunn would go yard before the Sox left Phoenix. Here’s hoping he’s right and that there are runners on base when AD connects….j.k.

Thank you, JK and son for the win yesterday, and a very happy Father’s Day to all the dads among my blog buddies! Hope the Sox gift you with a win today! You (and the Sox) deserve a win to celebrate your special day. Here’s to JK’s dream come true – wouldn’t that be fun???


Okay Buster. My final entry on this subject. My criticism, if you call it that, of Lilli in the outfield related to his limited time of experience out there. He has all the tools to be a great outfielder and is improving every day as we saw with last night’s near-catch that saved a home run and preserved our lead at the time.

And your note about Bill James’ Range Factor is EXACTLY the point I was making. Fielding percentage doesn’t mean nearly as much. I could stand in centerfield, never move and catch all balls hit to me and have a 1.000 fielding percentage. Range and throwing arms are the keys to a good outfielder. And Rios has high marks on both. I’m not a card-carrying member of the Alex Rios Fan Club anymore, but I will give him credit for his defensive ability.

My last post on this issue too TC. When you call somebody out (referring to Lilli) by claiming that they have “poor jumps, poor reads or poor positioning” it sure sounds to me (and I think most objective observers) that those type statements are CRITICISMS! Yeah, I call them criticisms!They’re certainly NOT compliments.
Further, if you want to make a point using something like RF (regarding defensive performance), THEN MAKE IT! Don’t wait for me or somebody else to clarify our statements/claims with FACTS, (like RF) and then you say “Range Factor is EXACTLY the point I was making”. What point exactly are you trying to make? Rios and Lilli RF numbers are essentially THE SAME RF NUMBER, so I have no idea what point you’re making!
Finally, your post above borders on the non-sensical. As I said, the numbers, fielding percentage, RF, etc. (any of them, and any way you look at them) doesn’t support your statements that “Rios is a far better OF than Lilli”, ” Liilibridge is not nearly as good a center fielder”, etc.
Methinks that your claim that “I’m not a card-carrying member of the Alex Rios Fan Club anymore” doesn’t pass muster. You sure look like one to me!

A series win, and a nice gift for all you Sox fan dads!! Let’s beat the Cubs!!!!

Go SOX!!!


Another great outing by Humber. Next to PK, he is most deserving to represent the Sox at the All-Star game.

Finally, after all the family time and commitments and after watching our Boys win the rubber match against the D-backs, I have time to comment. Kudos go out to Humber for sure, but also to our offense which finally started driving the ball. It was late in the game, but hopefully will carry over to tomorrow night. JP had a couple of hits (finally) and Rios contributed again. What can you say about Paulie? Wow! what a year so far! AJ, nice hit and Omar again, too. Nice win Boys, and thanks for the Dads day outburst. Daren Sutton was comparing Humber to Bert Blylevin at one point late in the game. That’s pretty heady company and hopefully Phil’s starts will continue to be as quality as todays.

Thinking about this upcoming week: I’m looking forward to going 4-2. Go Mark and go Sox’11……See you all tomorrow night……j.k.

I agree with you about Humber and Paulie, buster, unfortunately, deserving doesn’t have much pull in determining the team. And OOPS, I forgot about Gavin!!!! Tomorrow night, go Gavin and go Sox’11…..j.k.


I had never heard of Range Factor until you brought it up. I just thought that the way you described it, it actually reflected the point I was making.

And my last point is this. I am not wasting any more time arguing with you on this stuff. I’ve got better things to do than to get into ridiculous back-and-forths with someone who resorts to quoting previous posts and nitpicking every point. If you want to argue with people who have nothing better to do than bitch and moan about everything White Sox, then go over to White Sox Interactive or one of those other boards. Those guys are up and down like yo-yos with the Sox on a daily basis and they would love to have someone else throw stats, Range Factors and other mind-numbing stuff at them.

You’d fit in perfectly with that crowd . . .

Whatever TC,
So much for “My final entry on this subject” above. And as far as “I am not wasting any more time arguing with you on this stuff. I’ve got better things to do than to get into ridiculous back-and-forths with someone who resorts to quoting previous posts and nitpicking every point”, your actions (continuing to engage in these types of dialogs) speak louder than your words.
Lest we forget, my friend, I am not the only Sox fan to take issue on this blog with your self rightous attitude, and most especially your opinions (and that’s all they are BTW – your opinions), regarding our favorite ballclub. You are so predictably arrogant and sanctimonious. You present yourself, and your point of view, as if it was straight from the right hand of the Almighty himself (herself for the ladies on our blog) and anyone who disagrees with you is either stupid or a fool!. I assure you, I am neither. You remind me of some of the people that I played ball with, worked with and served with. You know the type I’m sure, the kind of folks who say things like “Don’t bore me with the facts, just do as I say because I KNOW what is best”.
I apologize in advance to the other Sox fans who have wasted their time reading this ridiculous back & forth, but some things just need to be said, you know.
I’ll pray for you buddy.
Semper Fi

Um…let’s beat those cubbies! Go White Sox!

Buster, of course they are only MY OPINIONS!! That what boards like this are for . . .

Arrogant? Sanctimonious? Nahhhh, just a fan who loves to talk baseball. My opinion is no better than yours or anyone else’s.

Whatever . . . .

Need to keep creeping back towards .500. Need two of three from the Cubs and win a series against the hot Nationals . . .

Buster, chill dude. I can read in tc’s comments how much he’s trying NOT to argue with you but it doesn’t seem to matter what he says. Black, white, up, down, day, night.

I say GO SOX! Let’s get the Cubbies in our house and beat up on them.

How about we all take a poll – what inning will Zambrano meltdown tonight? My guess is 4.

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