Series Decider

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

First Round Finale

Right-hander Jake Peavy, who will activated prior to today’s game in order to start, is 5-2 with a 2.40 ERA lifetime against the Cubs.

One of tonight’s ceremonial first pitches will be thrown by 10-year-old Jacob Peavy, who is celebrating a birthday.

The Sox are 25-17 since 5/7, the second-best record in the American League behind Boston.


Pregame Monday, I passed Paul Konerko in the clubhouse and said with a smile, “You must really like sleeping in your own bed” after his three-game, three-homer weekend in Arizona.

Apparently, it wasn’t just that as PK now has homered in five straight games to tie a franchise record.

He is the fifth player (sixth time) in White Sox history to accomplish the feat.  The last major leaguer to homer in six straight games was Carlos Pena for Tampa (6/6-12/10).

Konerko has hit in 19 of his last 20 games (.446, 33-74) with seven doubles, 11 home runs and 22 RBI.

With 54 homers in interleague play, PK trails only Jim Thome (57) and Ken Griffey Jr. (55) all-time.

Mr. Mayor and The Coach

Mayor Rahm Emanuel will attend tonight’s game and Chicago Bulls Coach Tom Thibodeau, NBA Coach of the Year, will throw out a ceremonial first pitch.


Any word on Blog Night for this year?

let’s go 2 out of 3. And another homer by Paulie (if they pitch to him).

Nice job by the pitching staff tonight. Once again I think Ozzie leaves the starter in a little to long but got a better outcome this time. I love watching Sergio pitch. So fun to watch.

Finally got to see the archived game on MLB.TV. It was worth the wait. What a perfect day. My Son’s birthday, went to our daughter’s for dinner and games and now a Sox winner. Thank you Sale and Crain and Matt and Sergi-000. As far as leaving pitchers in the game too long, earlier today I watched the Tigers and Dodgers. Porcello was struggling with a lead in the fifth and Leland yanked him with two outs. Tigers held on in that inning and won 7-5. No win for Porcello, but the TEAM won……. I agree: sometimes Ozzie waits too long to pull pitchers and sometimes it’s TOO late….. Enjoy the day off Boys and get ready for the Nats who won’t be an easy mark. Back to two games under (even at home!). Go Edwin and go Sox’11…..j.k.

Make that struggling in the fourth. Porcello did NOT qualify for the win……… later all……j.k.

O.K. Boys and Girls: here we are back at minus two games. The last time we were at this “heady” record, we promptly lost three games in a row. Hopefully this time, at home, against the National League will be different. It would be nice to get to .500 before going out to Colorado. But that’s getting ahead of ourselves a bit too much. Right now we need for Edwin Jackson to win a game, or at least keep us in the game. Let’s see: Golf today, a nap, a White Sox winner…… Yeah, that’s the ticket. Go Edwin and go Sox’11…..j.k.

No golf or nap for me JK, if I am lucky I will get to watch the Sox win. Golf Sunday I hope! I wonder how Dunn will do against Washington, maybe this will turn him around. If not I think he needs a couple weeks off and some help to get his confidence back.

D-backs trailing the Tigers by 3 in the third. Go D-backs…….. MORE importantly, go Sox’11…..(bench and I are rooting for you)…j.k.

Well I am watching the 8th and 9th and seen a little bit from working in the pub, not happy so far. I walked around in my dining room and asked the customers what channel they wanted the TV’S on, Sox or Cubs they all chose Cubs. I think just to p#$@ me off. I’m tellin you I need help down here, there are very few Sox fans. 4 T

4 Tv”s in the Dining room and everyone that could see 1 wanted Cubs. Thank God I have 12 TV’S in the Pub.

Three come-backs in the same game: VERY good. One huge error in the 14th: very BAD, as Sox lose. The whole Central lost for that matter. Maybe tomorrow with JohnnyD?……Aaarrgggghhhhhhh… Go Sox’11…….. j.k.

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