Sunday And The Nationals

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Streak On The Line

The White Sox enter today’s game having won 17 consecutive interleague series.  They have lost the first game in each of their four interleague series this season but have ralled to win the remaining games in all four series.  The Sox have won 24 of their last 32 at home and 13 of their last 15 on the road in interleague play.  The Sox are 18-5 in their last 23 interleague games overall and 25-7.  Since 2008, the Sox are 46-19 against NL foes.


The White Sox are attempting to move within one game of .500 for the first time since they were 7-8 on April 17.


Starting pitcher Philip Humber has won four consecutive starts, posting a 3.00 ERA.  He is 6-1 with a 2.51 ERA in his last 10 starts and ranks among AL leaders in runners per 9.0 IP (5th, 9.1), opponents avg. (6th, .204), ERA (9th, 2.90) and fewest walks per 9.0 IP (9th, 2.0).


I feel it, go Sox!!!

Adam Dunn 227 at bats this year and 96 strike outs 29 RBI’s batting .179. The magic question in everyone’s mind including Adam himself. What is the problem and how does he fix it. Any ideas?

Maybe he could try batting righty…..Another tough-luck loss by one of our pitchers….. Onward and upward? in colo….go Sox’11….j.k.

Hold down the fort for me all. I will be out of town visiting my Daughter the next three days. Go Gavin, go Mark, go Jake, go Sox’11…….j.k.

The final play of the game shows us why Brent Lillibridge is not an everyday player. An inexcusable way to lose a ballgame.

Would Adam “The Big Donkey” Dunn be the 1st MLB regular player in history to have more strikeouts than batting average?!? Unreal! 1 for 53 vs LH?
Batting under .130 at the Cell. Three words describe Ozzie vowing to keep playing this colossal $56-million flop? The 3 words? CUCKOO! CUCKOO! CUCKOO!
I see Alex Rios is still not hustling…but I digress.

Lilli not an every day player because he made a single mental error? Right. Let’s throw him under the bus for a single mistake.
How many games has this kid either saved or won for us this year with his hustle and desire? 4? 5?
Oh I forgot, our alternative is to put “I can’t hustle unless it’s to pick up my paycheck” Alex Rios back in the lineup after he’s already been benched for his terrific hustle on the field.

Lilli is not an everyday player because the more he plays, the more ways other pitchers find to get him out. I like Lilli but he is a utility player at best. And a damn good utility player.

His lack of hustle on Tuesday night, though (which happened twice on similar balls), was inexcusable. As was Rios’ lack of hustle that got him benched. People boo Adam Dunn for striking out 100 times. I agree, he is having a horrendous season. But the real booing should be directed towards a player who fails to hustle. In Lilli’s case, I think it was more of not being in the game mentally than it was a pure lack of hustle. But, in either case, it was a terrible effort.

This from a guy who earlier this year claimed there was never any reason to boo a ballpayer.

Buster, why can’t tc think Dunn is having a horrible season so far? He just wouldn’t go to the park and make a fool of himself by standing up and booing. That will NOT make Dunn’s at bats any better. You just love to pick apart tc, don’t you? The funny thing is you and he agree on most things, but your not reading that part I guess! Will you be at blog night? I’d love to meet you in person! You are quite the personality!

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