Double Duty Classic Clinic

Tuesday, June 29, 2011

Yesterday, the participants of today’s fourth annual Double Duty Classic hosted a clinic for 60 kids in the White Sox Inner City Youth Baseball program at UIC.

They worked on a variety of skills such as throwing mechanics and progression, hitting and base running.

As one of the coaches said, “When you teach others, you learn about yourself.” That’s the most important thing we hope this year’s participants take away from this experience.

The Double Duty Classic commemorates the 78th anniversary of the first East-West All-Star Game by celebrating the history of Negro League baseball in Chicago and promoting the next generation of inner-city baseball players.

Here’s more info on today’s event, and this year’s rosters.  Looking forward to sharing the highlights of today’s game with you!


Hey, I just got an email announcing that Blog Night is 7/26! Woo Hoo!

Triple header (for me) yesterday when I got back from El Paso. We won the series in Denver; something I didn’t expect to happen. So we are yet again two games from being an average team! Maybe by the end of this next week we can overcome that barrier? Come on Edwin, Phil and Gavin. I think we can take two of three from the Cubs….. Go Sox’11….j.k.

Just bought my Blog tickets, this year the date is good I can go!!!!

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