White Sox Blog Night 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

Great news: our sixth annual Blog Night is scheduled for July 26th before our game vs. the Tigers.

Click here for specially priced tickets.

Blog Night is a great opportunity for the readers of Inside the Sox to come together for a lively panel discussion. In the past we’ve featured speakers such as Rick Hahn, Moose Skowron and Ken “Hawk” Harrelson. As always we’ll have door prizes, giveaways and our collectable Blog Night T-Shirt.

I hope to see you all there!


Woohoo!! I’m so excited and can’t wait! Hope to see everybody there!

I got my tickets!

Great win today! I hope all this talk about getting rid of JP is over with. Seriously?

We’re all in, too! See you on the 26th!

Good job Sox’11! Key contributions from almost every member of the team today. Even AD had a walk and scored the final run on Juan’s triple in the 7th. Two days in a row scoring SIX runs? Amazing! Do it again tomorrow Boys and 1) take the series from the Cubs. 2) win FOUR games in a row to equal our longest streak of the year. AND 3) Get back to FIVE HUNDRED!! Go Phil and go Sox’11….j.k.

Even though I agree that Beckham clearly was not on the bag when he caught the ball for the double play, I just have to say that it was a stupid thing for Mike Quade to get himself thrown out over that.

Another great outing by Philip Humber. Guy really deserves to be an All-Star.
What can you say about Dunn & Rios. Season is half over, both are making $12M and both are having (by far) the worst years of their respective careers. It is truly a miracle that the Sox are doing as well as they are considering how atrocious these two clowns have played all year.

Just watched the archived Sox win.Somebody’s swinging a great Juan!….. Go Gavin and go Sox’11….j.k.

If we already have tickets to the game, how would we go about partaking in the pregame activities?

Well, about 4-1/2 hours till game time so I better get on my horse and get some stuff done so I can sit down and relax and witness the beauty of a Cubs sweep today!

Go Gavin! and Go White Sox!

Oh, and I will be listening today to those All Star line ups and hoping to here Paulie’s name along with Phillip Humber as headed to jk’s land to make the team!!!

I was just about to go work on my room, but then this game got a lot more interesting! I’m staying for the last inning – way to go Teahen and Paulie!

Whether he gets voted in or not, Pk is the best first baseman in the AL, not to mention the classiest.
Sox season hinges on next 19 games, all against AL Central.

I voted my 25 times for Paulie weeks ago: didn’t matter. I’ve been voting all day for Paulie for the final vote. But I can’t do it alone……… Go Sox’11 Fans and vote for Paulie every day for the next three and send him to the AS game….. j.k.

Happy Fourth everybody! Let’s get some real fireworks going later tonight and score more than one run….. Go Mark and go Sox’11….j.k.

Yay for Blog night!!! One of my favorite nights every year! I already have tickets for the game – is there a way to get “on the list” without having to purchase additional tickets? let me know.


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