Trade Reaction from Ken Williams

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

White Sox General Manager Ken Williams On the Jackson and Teahen trade


“We traded Edwin Jackson and Mark Teahen to Toronto for Jason Frasor and Zach Stewart.”

On Zach Stewart:

 “Zach Stewart has been on our radar for a long time, particularly last year when he was doing some special things in AA. His call to the big leagues has shown us that he has four average pitches and a power change up to go with a 90-94 mph fastball that will sink and fade, as well.  So he will ultimately be in the mix in some way, shape or form and most likely this year.

“He can come up here today and we can put him out there.  We see where he was last year, and even though he has had a couple of trip-ups this year, we’ve been able to identify exactly what we think he needs to do to realize how talented he really is.”

On Jason Frasor:

“As far as Jason Frasor is concerned, I think most of you who follow the game know that he is one of the top quality relievers in baseball, and we’re happy to have him.”

On trading Jackson and Teahen:

“Edwin Jackson and Mark Teahen are the consummate professionals, just good guys and good workers, but we needed to make a little bit of a dent in our payroll here, which has been stressed a little bit.  We did not want to be making a move that would be counterproductive to the opportunity for us to win still.  So how could we accomplish both of the goals?  That means giving a little bit on the starting end, which we can absorb because we have five starters, and shortening the game by having another guy in the bullpen.  This helps protect our other right-handers Sergio Santos and Jesse Crain in particular because we began to get worried about Jesse Crain’s usage and over-usage, not that he is being overused, but the potential of it for when you get into August and September is to really tax a guy and he becomes ineffective and you might end up hurting him.  Now we’ve insulted ourselves against that and hopefully it’ll help the offense, too.”

More on Jackson:

“In an ideal world I would have liked have been able to realistically considered extension (of Jackson’s contract), but the circumstances prevented me from doing that in this situation.”

More on Teahen:

“Teahen got tripped up from the very beginning on the arm injury in spring training and really never got his feet underneath him at third base all of last year.  But this year you saw a little bit better player because he had a full spring training and worked at it and we saw a little bit more of what we saw when we made the original acquisition.  For whatever reason, we just couldn’t get him in the lineup on a regular basis.  He’s a good player and I hope Toronto can make playing time for him.”

On more trade opportunities:

“Since the All-Star Break, and with the exception of the Kansas City series, I have enjoyed watching the guys go at it.  They’ve been going at it hard and it’s been encouraging, even last night’s loss.  They battled their tails off.  Justin Verlander is a tough dude out there, and we had some guys shorten their swings and battle at-bat after at-bat and we had a chance to win.  That’s all you can hope for.  If we keep getting that kind of intensity, we’ll be more likely to stick with the situation than to go the direction I mentioned the other day.  Let’s wait ‘til we get to Sunday.  The other part of doing what we ended up doing today allowed us to get (Alejandro) De Aza in the lineup and in centerfield to afford Ozzie more than Rios has been giving us.  Rios is going to have to take a backseat now and we’re going to see if De Aza can give us a little bit of a spark and provide us with a way to manufacture some runs.”

On who to play, who to sit:

“Here’s what I told Ozzie: don’t worry about the size of the contracts, just worry about putting the players out there on a given day that can help you win.  The size of the contracts is not Ozzie’s problem, it’s not Jerry’s problem, it’s not the coaches’ problem, it’s my problem.  So, put the players on the field that can win and I don’t give a darn if one guy is making $400,000 and the other guy is making $12 million. I’m sending a message to everyone.”

On the payroll situation now:

“It’s less stressed and we can probably look at more creative things, and maybe look at some things that are creative in a different way now. We’ll see. There’s a lot of clubs out there looking for the same high-impact players.”


Well, well, well, Alejandro De Aza only took to the 2nd inning to make Kenny Williams look like a genius. I hope KW has a cold one waiting for him after the game. And his first big league homer! Way to go and welcome to the South Side!

Gee…the Sox finally bring up one of our two hard-hitting minor leaguers and he wins a game right off the bat. Wow..what a concept! It appears Ozzie Guillen’s top priorities are not getting Adam Dunn or Alex Rios mad at him…but I digress.
I see Oz is STILL batting Dunn against left-handers in key late-game situations. I thought the object of the game was to WIN ?!?! My bad !
Now…let’s win 3 or 4 against the ESPN Red Sox & ESPN Yankees!

Great win for the Boys today! What a start to your career, Mr. De Aza. Here’s hoping you have MANY more winning hits for us. That was a very candid post by KW. It’s good to know that even though WE don’t know what’s going on, there IS something going on to improve our team. I wish Edwin and Mark well, but they were the likeliest players to go and to save some payroll. It will be interesting to see what happens over the next few days….. Rest well Boys and get ready for Boston….. Go Sox’11….j.k.

A double D attack gave us the win yesterday (De Aza and Danks). And I’m with JK in wishing Edwin and Mark well, but such is the nature of the business. Now as far as our current homestand…
2 of 3 from Detroit…………check
2 of 3 from Boston…………
2 of 4 from New York………
What I have above is just a minimum of what I’d like to see. Anything more is icing, but even if we go 5-5 on the homestand, it wouldn’t be that bad given the strength of our division. Now, let’s get those Carmines tomorrow! Go White Sox!

I didn’t have a chance to post prior to the game due to a late golf game, but Way To Go Gavin and JUST enough offense to get a win and return to .500. Now, can we please overcome this hurdle? Only 1/2 game back of the Tribe now….. Keep up the good work Boys. Go Phil and go White Sox’11…..j.k.

Two days later and we’re back to being two under .500… How many games will it take for us to get back to that magic plateau? If at all. It could get real ugly here this next week: four games vs. N.Y. then three against Minn……I’ll be happy if we can win 3 of the next 7….. Hope for more, but pray it’s not less…… Go Sox’11…..j.k.

I knew taking 2 of 3 from Boston would be tough, so we’ll need to split the series with the Yanks if we want to go 5-5 for the homestand. Here’s hoping for 3 of 4 though. Go White Sox!

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