SoxFest 2012

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

In case you didn’t see the recent press announcement, SoxFest 2012 will be held January 27, 2012- January 29, 2012.  Great news: Two-night SoxFest 2012 hotel packages at the Palmer House Hilton along with weekend passes will go on sale this Tuesday, September 13 at 10 a.m. on

SoxFest will take place January 27-29 and, as always, gives our fans a unique opportunity to meet their favorite current and former White Sox players, attend question-and-answer sessions with players, coaches and front office staff and take home unique memorabilia from our SoxFest Garage Sale.  This year, we’re thrilled that Joe Crede, third baseman for the 2005 World Champion White Sox, is scheduled to join us for the festivities.  More names will be added along the way, so make sure to check the SoxFest page on regularly leading up to the fest.

Our special two-night SoxFest hotel package is $316, and fans may purchase up to two rooms per reservation.  Plus, by purchasing this two-night package, you’ll be eligible to purchase up to four SoxFest weekend passes ($75/pass) per room reservation.  Keep in mind that weekend passes are only available to fans who book a two-night stay, and that Friday night of SoxFest will be open only to SoxFest hotel guests with weekend passes.

SoxFest is the perfect way to kick off the White Sox Baseball season and start the countdown to Spring Training and Opening Day.  I look forward to seeing you there.


I guess it’s official. This season must be over. So, let me be the first to say: Go Sox’12……j.k.

Well, J.K., I won’t throw in the towel until I have to – when the Sox are statistically out of it. For now, I prefer to be happy we are in second place, not third, and on a winning streak. The season isn’t over yet, and maybe there will be a “miracle on 35th Street.” I know, it’s very unlikely, but it could happen.

I agree with you completely, Peggy. I was referring to the article about 2012 Sox fest. I took that to mean that was more important than the current season. It IS bleak, but I’ll root for the ’11 Sox until mathematically out of it….. Go Sox…….j.k.

It’s been a dissapointing year for sure, but I am looking ahead and forward to 2012. The reason for my post is two fold, I would like to see more of the older Sox players from yesteryear at Soxfest. (i.e. Tommy John, Joel Horlen, Gary Peters, Wilbur Wood etc)

Also if I may suggest something to Scott Reifert and hope this note goes up the chain in the Sox organization. It concerns Adam Dunn. I would suggest the Sox contact Jay Johnstone and hire him to work with Adam Dunn in the offseason.

I remember when the White Sox acquired Johnstone prior to the 1971 season from the Angels, and as a kid I was overjoyed by it. Jay was always one of my favorite players as a kid and Jay played a big part in the Sox big turnaround in ’71.

Then inexplicably he just lost it at the plate in 1972. The Sox released him and he joined the World Champion A’s in ’73 and did even worse! When it looked like he was seemingly out of baseball Jay worked out hard and revamped his swing and reinvented himself as a player and he was picked up by the Phillies in ’74 and enjoyed several seasons as productive major league hitter before his career began to wind down and become a pinch hitter extraordinairre.

I think Jay could work wonders with and resurrect Adam Dunn’s career in the same way he did for himself back in the 70’s.

I see the Sox have re-instated CQ from the DL. Why? The season is essentially over. Having CQ play the next two weeks in a season that is now meaningless makes no sense, even if he is on the trading block. I persoanlly don’t see any upside to this, but then again, what the hell do I know?

Buster, if CQ is healthy then why keep him on the DL? That would not be fair to him. What can be gained by leaving him on the DL, unless he is not 100 percent. Only the Sox medical staff would know that.

Just curious as to why you think he should be on the DL. If you think other younger players should play to see what they can do, that is a legitimate point. But keeping him on the DL when healthy doesn’t seem to serve any purpose.

I think he would be the most likely of the Sox vets to be traded. Will be interesting to see what happens with him.

TC, accoring to OG, “He’s not ready to play”. referring to CQ. If he truly is not ready to play, and his own manager says he is not (and does not plan on playing him much if at all anyway), then what is the point of taking him off the DL? Considering his propensity for injury, and in light of the Sox season being essentially over, this is another of the many non-sensical moves made this year by the Sox.

I agree if he is not healthy enough to play then he should remain on the DL.

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