White Sox Volunteer Corps Day of Service

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today, the White Sox joined forces with Chicago Cares for a beautification service project at McClellan Elementary School, just a few blocks from U.S. Cellular Field.

For six hours, 500 members of the White Sox Volunteer Corps painted, repaired fixtures, performed light construction, landscaped, and worked on inspirational art projects.

The timing of our service day couldn’t have been any better as tomorrow is the September 11th National Day of Service and Remembrance. We at the White Sox are proud to have been able to serve our community during this time of national reflection and remembrance.

Our only regret was that we wont be there Monday morning to see the student’s faces when they see their new and improved school.


Sox are 5-12 since going to detroit for the showdown series with the tigirls. Maybe these clowns should do some volunteer work themselves since they are obviously mailing in the rest of the season. Blow this team up in the off season and start over.

I see Joe Crede will be attending next year’s soxfest. Next to PK, one of the classiest, and greatest cluth hitters, that I ever saw wear a sox uniform. Too bad the sox didn’t treat him better the last couple of years of his career, even with an injured back.

How did the Sox mistreat Crede???

Not getting into ANY more back and forth with you. I’m done.

Was just a simple question. Wasn’t arguing with you. Injuries ended Crede’s career, not any kind of mistreatment.

Ozzie will be missed! I will always have great memories of him and the 2005 White Sox. Thank you Ozzie!

Ozzie’s era as Sox manager will go down as one of the most interesting and most exciting in franchise history. Not only did he lead the team to the World Series title in his second season, he made the Sox relevant again in the world of baseball. People often said that no one or no thing could ever make the White Sox a bigger story in Chicago than the Cubs were. Well, they were wrong. Ozzie Guillen made the Sox the most talked about baseball franchise in the city. And the national media followed suit by giving the White Sox much more attention than the Cubs.

Good luck in Florida Ozzie. I will be pulling hard for the Marlins to make it back to the World Series.

Ozzie handled the post game interview I saw with class! He exits the Sox with no apparent animosity, and as such gets my respect and thanks for his eight years with us. The future is very murky right now, but I can honestly say I for one wish Ozzie nothing but the best in his future (Marlins) endeavors…… Go Sox’12……j.k.

With as much back and forth between Ozzie and KW in recent years, we knew this day was going to happen, and honestly, now is probably the right time. There have been many ups and downs, but whatever disappointments we’ve had in recent years is more than overcome by the World Series title he helped bring us in ’05. I wish him well.

So many feelings…. I will miss Ozzie for sure, I will always love him for bringing us the World Series title in ’05, and this probably is the right time, for him and for the Sox. I agree with TC that Ozzie brought some much-deserved attention to the White Sox, and I hope the new manager will continue the traditions of honesty and candor that Ozzie had. And I hope the Sox win another World Series next year!!

Greg Walker, you are a class act. You did your job well over the past eight or so years and you represented the White Sox in the most professional way. You did not deserve the ugly comments pointed your way and you showed class by not lowering yourself to the level of your detractors.

Best of luck Walk and thank you for all the great things you have done for the White Sox as a player and as a coach.

And we can’t even hold a lead in the 9th…sigh. Alas, that’s just symbolic for how our season has gone. See you all again in Feb, or at least until I make a comment on Buehrle signing with another team this offseason. To take a page from JK…Go White Sox ’12!

Sad ending to a disappointing season. Let’s hope we do have Buehrle back, and Kenny finds a stellar manager.

Adios for a while, friends, and as Josh and JK say – Go White Sox ’12!

Just watched the archived game and I agree that the ninth inning was a microcosm of our season. Here’s hoping that all my Sox “Buddies” have a wonderful and safe & healthy off season. Looking forward to better things next year., and as has already been stated,,,,,,,, Go Sox’12……….j.k.

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