Acts of Kindness

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Curious as to what White Sox players have been up to since the season ended? Well, pitcher Gavin Floyd and his wife have been busy doing some good in their offseason community for a young man in need.

When Tim Smith needed two new legs, his health insurance company refused to pay the $31,000 bill. As a result, Smith was forced to use his old prosthetic legs which were being held together by duct tape and were causing him painful blisters.

The Trinity College community as well as the members of Smith’s church worked to raise $10,000, but unfortunately there was still a large gap. When Floyd heard about Smith through a relative he and his wife decided to fill that $21,000 gap. “We talked about it, prayed about it, and just felt led to do it,” Floyd said. “To know what he’s achieved in his life really moved us.”

For more on this story, click here.


Truly heartwarming, but not surprising. Always hearing about how one of the players, or the team supports those less fortunate. Makes me evern prouder to be a White Sox fan. BTW..the brave young man fighting leukemia that I mentioned before (and received White Sox items for donation) is officially in remission as of 11/29. Much thanks to the White Sox. Jacob is now on to chemo and a bone marrow transplant with hopes for a long term remission.

I agree – White Sox players are classy people, on and off the field.

WIshing all my proud fellow fans a joyous holiday season!


alright lets get these winter meetings started and start unloading all of these overhyped bums like quentin, danks, floyd and thornton. start over!

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