White Sox Announce the 2012 Promotional Schedule

Friday, January 06, 2012

As many of you may know, we released most of the 2012 White Sox promotional schedule yesterday afternoon. We are thrilled that this year’s schedule includes five Kids Days, seven Value Mondays, 18 fireworks nights, as well as popular theme nights such as Dog Day, Elvis Night and Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day.

In addition to theme nights, we’ve also announced some of our premium giveaway nights. Below are just a few of the giveaways that have been confirmed:

  • White Sox Knit Bomber Hats (April 14)
  • Mother’s Day Totes (May 13)
  • Robin Ventura Bobbleheads (May 26)
  • Southpaw Mini Plush Pals (June 3)
  • Commemorative 2005 World Series Canvases (June 9)
  • Kids XL 1972 Replica Jerseys (June 24)
  • Kids Chest Protector Backpacks (August 5)
  • White Sox Camouflage Hats (August 11

This year’s promotional schedule can be found at whitesox.com/promos and will be updated as additional events, theme nights and giveaways are finalized. You won’t be able to purchase individual tickets until Friday, February 3rd, but ticket packs and season tickets are available, here.


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Happy New Year Scott.

Could you post a little more info on the 2005 world series canvases please? I’m curious as to what those would be. Also will the Sox be wearing the red pinstripe uniforms on June 24?

P.S. Please bring back the diamond sock patch on the road gray uniforms. I think if you polled the fans they would overwhelmingly agree. The old english logo on the sleeve is redundant as it’s already on our caps.

Nice article. Thanks for the information. I’m just going to read promotional schedule.

What an underwhelming list.

Seems like less and less give aways every year and more games “sponsored” by someone disguised as a promo night.

Not even magnetic schedules this year on Opening Day.

I just don’t want to hear any member of the Sox organization complaining nobody is showing up for a 4th place team in 2012.


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