Friday, January 27, 2012

More from the always entertaining seminars:

-Second seminar: Your 2012 White Sox w/Stone, Ken and Robin. Have a feeling some White Sox fans might be surprised by how funny Robin is – must’ve gotten off a solid 10 one-liners, including:

> “I’m going to do managerial things, because that’s my job.”

> “I just try to get my point across.  I don’t have to be PROFOUND” (as he looks at Kenny…)

> On whether the White Sox will contend this season: “Well, I’m not doing this to lose.”

> “You should’ve seen my face when Kenny asked if I wanted to be the manager.”

> When asked how his managerial style differed from Ozzie’s: “I haven’t managed yet, just so you know.”

> On how the lineup will look this season: “Well, Paul Konerko won’t be batting lead off.” ( Ken’s reply: “Oh, you should do that for the first Spring Training game. Nobody tell Konerko.”)

> On the White Sox running game in 2012: “I’m not running at all.”

> To a very passionate fan: “I have a new BFF!”

> ON SCOUTING (looking at Ken): “Don’t we have a guy for that?”

Photo: Ron Vesely

KEN ON HIRING ROBIN: “He was one of those people who I kept on a list for a long time – of people I respect, people who have a passion for this club, this city and our fans.  I felt like Robin had the qualities a manager needs: leadership, communication skills, the ability to deal with a variety of personalities and egos.  He thoroughly impressed me, and I think he’s perfect for the job.”

-Other Ken answers: dealt a “strength” in Santos  for a “potential frontline starter” in Nestor Molina; many options in the bullpen, “some of which you haven’t seen yet”;

-Robin on other Sox topics:

> WHY HE TOOK THE JOB: “When I retired, Jerry said I was always welcome to come back.  With the kids getting older and missing the baseball part of my life, so I was ready to do something, and I was thrilled to come back and work behind the scenes.  When Kenny asked about being the manager, well, I wasn’t expecting that at all.  Then I thought about it, and my wife said, ‘This is the place for you.’  And it’s true – this is the closest baseball family I have. This is where I belong.”

> ADAM DUNN: “You can’t play for the players. But the good news is every season is different. He just needs to be confident, and I think having this offseason to rest will be the best thing for him.”

> NEW COACHES: “These are guys I’ve known for a long time, guys I’ve played with.  We have a similar vision on how to play the game, and they have strengths that I don’t.” (When Ken said that Mark Parent and Joe McEwing would be future managers, Robin immediately responded: “Later, much later!”)

> ON BEING MANAGER: “I realize this is a huge responsibility. I have an obligation to the organization, Kenny, Jerry, everybody who buys a ticket. And trust me – I will work hard.”

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