Friday, January 27, 2012

Highlights from the 4th Friday seminar w/DJ, Paulie, Gordon Beckham and Alexei:

-Gordon on his struggles at the plate last season: “My struggles last year fall solely one me. I took a step back this offseason and really had to check myself. I feel like myself again, and I’ve done a lot of work on how I get prepared to hit the ball.”

-Alexei on trying to convince Cuban players to play for the White Sox:”My role is to let them know what a great organization this is. But I just give advice.” (Also said he got a lot of great advice on how to handle the big leagues and the US when he first came here from Jose Contreras.)

-Paul on Spring Training: “The main thing for us, start with day one of spring training. Pitch by pitch, inning by inning, to get back”

Photo: Ron Vesely


> Paul: “I grew up on the east coast, so Don Mattingly.”

> Alexei: “In my country, the first person you think about in baseball is Ozzie Smith.”

> Gordon: “Derek Jeter. (Then he added, “Also, when I was five, Paul started playing pro ball.”)


-Gordon: “You’ve got to be ready for every play. I always think I’m about to make the greatest play in the world. It’s all about repetition.”

-Paul: “Always be ready. The second you think the ball isn’t coming your way, it always does.” (Followed by, “I’ve got the easiest job. I just go to the bag and catch it.”

-And finally, Paul on plans after he retires: “When I’m doing playing,the jig is up. I gotta go home and be a dad for awhile.”

Next up: Final Friday seminar with the ’05 guys…

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