Sunday, January 29, 2012

Must’ve heard the word “consistency” 50 times during the LOOKING AHEAD seminar: Farmer w/Flowers, Lillibridge and Morel. In approach, routine, mentally, physically, “consistency” is key during a long season, especially for a young player.  Other tidbits:

-When a fan said she and her son saw him at a community event last season, and her son told Tyler he’d hit a home run that night, which Tyler did, his response: “I like that.”

-Lillibridge on Konerko: “We all thrive off of Paulie.”

-Morel: “The best players in the game understand how to deal with failure.”

Photo: Ron Vesely

-Flowers: “I like facing guys with high ERAs.  Guys with low ERAs tend to be better pitchers.”

-Lillibridge on how he’s improved as a hitter: “I made a point to not miss pitches down the middle or get into a hole by swinging at bad pitches. I try to think up the middle – because if you’re late, it goes to right field, if you’re early, it’s probably still fair in left, and if you’re on time, it’s a shot up the middle.”

Photo: Ron Vesely

-Also said his favorite position is his natural one, shortstop, but “I love to play anywhere in the infield, and I like playing center and running around and jumping the wall.”

-When asked how he felt playing first base last season when Paulie was hurt: “I’m comfortable over there, but I felt bad because I was such a small target. I stood on the base so the guys could see me.”


> Morel: It’s pretty cool. We’re lucky.”

> Lillibridge: “You can’t beat it.  I still get nervous during every game, and I think that’s a good thing.”

-Tyler on AJ: “We get along great. We had a couple confrontations early, like he does with everybody in the league.”

-Morel: “We’re really happy that Robin is here. We have extreme confidence in our coaching staff, and after a frustratinbg year last year, we’re all looking forward to putting that behind us and just playing ball.”

And on that note…

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed the weekend with us at the Palmer House Hilton – and to everyone else who followed along the way.  Like always, SoxFest kicks off the White Sox Baseball season, and your excitement gets us excited, too.  What a fun weekend. Don’t forget – if you attended SoxFest, tomorrow we encourage you to go to www.whitesox.com/survey to share your thoughts about the event.  We value your feedback and try to make SoxFest better every year. Who’s ready for SoxFest 2013?

Well, first things first: On to Spring Training!


I come back from out of town for 10 days and find all these posts from Scott, but NO? replies from his faithful? Where is everybody?….gone to Merkin?, gone (Ice) fishin’?, gone snow blowing? gone for good? (hope not!)…. Well, I’m gone, but not before I say: go Sox’12……j.k.

Hi JK. I’m still around, but have been busy with other things. It slipped my mind that SoxFest was this past weekend, but I thank Scott for posting his recaps. I’m ready for baseball to begin again, but if I’m being honest, I’m not overly optimistic about our chances this coming year. But, we’ve got new pieces, a new skipper, and a new team attitude so we’ll have to see where it takes us this year. I hope they prove me wrong. I’ll be pulling for them either way. Go White Sox!

Just read your comments, Kris. Congrats on your first Grand child! You’ll find that being a grand parent is SO much better than being “just” a parent. Now get those kids of yours busy: you’ve got four more to catch up with me. (j.k.; just kidding). Enjoy your new addition! j.k.

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