Sunday, January 29, 2012

More great quotes coming out of the SoxFest seminars today…

-The third chapter of YOUR 2012 WHITE SOX w/Stone, Robin, Coop, Manto and Parent:

-Coop on the bullpen: “We have four openings, and the guys will let us know who belongs.” Listed Addison Reed, Hector Santiago, Zach Stewart and Dylan Axelrod as candidates.

-Robin: “You can’t force a player to do something, but you can get him to want to do it.”

-Manto on Beckham: I feel like his struggles “are behind him. We’ll be doing a lot of drill work in Spring Training.”

-Parent: “We’re going to be more gritty.”

-Fan asked what Robin was going to do about Adam Dunn…his response: “Well, I know I’m going to put in the lineup on Opening Day.”

-Right at the end, a woman said most of her family members are Cubs fans, to which Robin joked loudly, “OK, we’re done here.”

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