Another Day Closer to Games

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Today was another groundhog day in White Sox camp as we head toward our first intrasquad game on Saturday, but manager Robin Ventura did announce that right-hander Philip Humber would start the team’s first exhibition game on Monday.

The most unique aspect of the day was the annual St. Baldrick’s preparation with FOX 32’s Pat Elwood, John Danks and Jake Peavy.

When I learned that Danks and Peavy were taking part in the annual head-shaving experience to raise money for fighting cancer, it raised an eyebrow.  Danks?  Ok, he participates every year, and since he typically sports a beaten up Texas Longhorns baseball cap, no one ever really sees his bald head.  But Peavy?  No way I can imagine Jake succumbing to the clippers.

Sure enough, turns out Jake was simply there for the joy and fulfillment of shaving a teammates’ head.  In this case, it was Danks, who wanted to keep his beard through Saturday’s photo day (I guess he wants to look tough in his photos).  The result, is a clean-shaven head, making JD look like a convict, and a beard that makes him look like Grizzly Adams (well, maybe not that bad, but close).  Not a great look for John.

After the workout, media asked Ventura about the close shave.

“I missed it,” he said. “Is it shaved? Did he get his face? No? It would be nice to clean it up.”

Ventura fielded quite a few questions about pitcher Nestor Molina today.  At one point Molina faced Paul Konerko during live BP.

“He looks great.  You can always tell how guys are doing when they are hitting live, how they react to certain things and what they see,” Ventura said.  “He has a split-finger, slider and guys are nodding their head and you can hear them reacting to it.  That’s great; he’s also got great velocity in the pitches I’ve seen. He’s got great control of it, too.”

Ventura stressed that game results will go a long way to determining who earns open spots in the bullpen.

“Yeah there are some spots in the bullpen. You go out here and see what you see now; it could be different when you get into games.  As far as ability and talent and those things, there are some spots open and some guys with a lot of talent that we’re going to be able to pick from to fill them.

“Distinguishing themselves will  happen in the games. You see them react to different situations, and then we put them in different situations, and then it’s how they do. That’s what spring is for.”

Top Gun

 White Sox reliever Addison Reed was ranked as the No. 66 prospect by Baseball America magazine.


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