Sox Drop Third and the Blue Crustacean

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The White Sox dropped a 10-6 decision to the Brewers Wednesday at CBR, falling to 0-3 in the Cactus League.  The White Sox play twice at Texas tomorrow, first playing a B Game at 10 am followed by the regularly scheduled game at 1 p.m.  Gavin Floyd will start in the B Game, while Hector Santiago starts on the big field.

The Sox lineup at the Rangers at 1 pm: DeAza 8, Morel 5, Viciedo 7, Dunn 3, Flowers 2, Fukudome 9, Beckham 4, Johnson dh, Escobar 6.

In the B Game, it will be: Kuhn 4, Short 7, Gallagher 3, Phegley 2, Mitchell dh, Danks 8, McPherson 5, Thompson 9, Olmedo 6.

For All The Right Reasons

The White Sox teamed up with the Pro vs. G.I. Joe folks last summer at U.S. Cellular Field, and the nonprofit organization that provides America’s heroes the opportunity to play against their favorite

professional athletes in online video game competitions made a trip out to Glendale for the next three days.  You can find them near the home plate entrance to the ballpark.

Prior to today’s game, Sox players Jesse Crain, John Danks, Chris Sale and Matt Thornton stopped by the Pro vs. G.I. Joe truck at home plate and competed against active military members currently

deployed overseas in Afghanistan.  The players and troops also will have the ability to speak with one another while they compete in various video games.

Manager Robin Ventura, bench coach Mark Parent, pitching coach Don Cooper and guest instructor Art Kusnyer also stopped by to thank troops and lend their support to the event.

Several dozen Arizona National Guard members also came by to play against their “teammates” on deployment.

“We’ll leave the video playing to the younger guys,” Ventura said, pointing at Sale.  “And we brought our ace.”

Sergeant Benjamin Moline of the Arizona National Guard will throw out the ceremonial first pitch of the game. Moline, a lifelong White Sox fan, was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago.

Put That One on the Board

Two White Sox preseason television spots debuted today.  Let me know what you think (links are below) …

One takes me (and probably a lot of other White Sox fans) back to July 31, 1991 (I had been on the job for all of nine days).  Bases loaded, bottom of the ninth inning with the Sox down 8-6 to Texas.  Future Hall of Famer Rich Gossage was on the mound for the Rangers.  Robin Ventura, who already had homered earlier in the game, stepped to the plate.  Then this happened.

Still gives me chills and I still remember it vividly.  “One of many for him,” Harold Baines said this morning.

For the complete box score of the game (RV hit second and went 4-6 with five RBI), click here.

The second piece was shot in Chicago this January …

So I emailed both of these links to Robin and told him that while I know he didn’t care, I am sure his friends, family and kids would get a kick out of them airing.

His reaction:  the classic Ventura shrug.

… But You Can’t Take Country Out of the Man

So apparently, and allegedly, I was a topic of discussion in today’s staff meeting.

Nothing has been proven or confessed to and everything is alleged, but …

One to-be-unnamed, longtime, White Sox coach who may have been one of the best ever at his position, recently had his wife come to Phoenix for a visit.

“Where did you take her for dinner on her first night here,” an unnamed staff member asked him in the friendliest, most unassuming way possible.

“Blue Crustacean.” (names of the restaurant have been changed to protect the innocent)

“Blue Crustacean?” came the reply.  “You really pulled out all the stops.”

“I’m country,” came the alleged reply.  “Where I’m from, Blue Crustacean is big time.”

“She must really love you,” was the response.

So the next day comes along and the following alleged conversation happens:

“Where’d you go to eat last night?” the alleged staffer says to the alleged coach.

“Border Leapers.”

“Border Leapers?” is the staffer’s reply.  “Well, at least she got enough food.”

Of course, this type of “big league” treatment can’t go without some organizational response.

So at the end of today’s staff meeting of baseball operations personnel, managers, coaches, etc., general manager Ken Williams made a point to explain big league expectations to the group.  For example, he said, being careful to not name names, allegedly one member of our staff is taking his wife to Blue Crustacean and Border Leapers upon her arrival in the Valley.  We expect more (I guess you can insert a frozen lobster joke here if you really want) …

At that, Williams is loudly interrupted by an explosion from one of the coaches – the coach thereby indicting himself to the group – who jumps to an assumption and yells out, “Where is Reifert, that bald so and so …”

I, of course, learn of these inaccurate and vicious rumors after the fact.  So I go to confront the alleged coach on the field during stretching.

“You’re the only one who could know,” he claimed, discounting the chance that his wife or any of his other coaching mates might have thrown him under the bus.

“Seems you out-ted yourself,” I countered.

“I used some words no one had ever heard me say,” he laughed.

“I’m sure glad no one saw me eating at Tostada Cymbals last night,” another coach added.

“Hey, I’ve been known to put a hurt on Border Leapers myself,” added manager Robin Ventura.

“We’re eating at the Chinese buffet tonight,” the alleged tight-fisted coach added with misplaced pride. “$6.99.”

All unproven.  All alleged.  And just for the record, I think Harold Baines belongs in the Hall of Fame.

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Yet another hilarious, behind-the-scenes post. Your creative aliases had me cracking up once I figured them out.🙂 Time for dinner… suggestions?

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