Taking It on the Chin

Sunday, March 11, 2012
The White Sox suffered a 5-2 loss to the Rockies at beautiful Salt River Fields.  The ballpark, located just off 101 in Scottsdale, is awesome, better even than a few major league facilities.
I actually arrived at the ballpark pretty early, beating the team bus.  There is something special about being inside an empty ballpark early on a Sunday morning.  When I traveled more with the team, I always like to get to the ballpark early on Sunday – batting practice was usually cancelled – and sit in the press box or in the dugout catching up on reading, day by days or emails.  Today reminded me of that.
The White Sox play the A’s in Glendale at 1:05 pm tomorrow (Monday).  Jake Peavy will be on the mound.
Mr. President
According to former White House Communications Director Kevin Sullivan, one of his duties while at the WH was to update President George W. Bush each time John Danks pitched.  The President, a huge baseball fan and former owner of the Texas Rangers, took a special interest in Danks, also a Texan, who the Rangers moved to the White Sox.
Sullivan and the President would often have fun playing baseball trivia.
Batting Practice
A special note to White Sox fans heading to the Valley to catch your Sox.  The team has been taking batting practice each day in Glendale prior to traveling to road games, so if you want to see BP, stop by the back fields in Glendale from 10-11:20 a.m. to see the team before heading off to the road venue.  Those practices are open to the public.
Commissioner Bud Selig took in the first few innings of today’s game with the Rockies.
Thanks, Fabes
Dan Fabian, White Sox director of baseball operations, recently reached the Final Four of the MLB Network’s quiz show, Baseball IQ.  Because of his accomplishment, Fabian earned $15,000 for Chicago White Sox Charities.  Thank you, Fabes.  He has asked if some of the donation could go toward helping the White Sox ACE youth baseball program expand its opportunities.  Absolutely.
Freeze Time
The way that Brent Morel and Gordon Beckham are hitting, you almost wish you could freeze them as is and send them along to Texas right now for the April 6 opener.
If you are in Scottsdale for spring training and love breakfast, check out Over Easy on Bell, just west of the 101.  The Wolfpack – layers of hash browns, eggs, cheese and bacon topped by more hash browns – is one of the reasons I work out each day during the week.  I taunted my family by emailing them a photo of the plate.  When they arrive Wednesday night, I am sure our first stop Thursday morning will be Over Easy.
Friday after the Sox-Cubs game, we were able to sneak in about 13 holes of golf at the Wigwam.  The foursome consisted of Ed Farmer, radio voice of the Sox, Dan McQuilken, PGA and SPGA tour caddie, Roger Bossard and me.
Farmio can play and McQuilken is a pro (literally), but it was Bossard who stole the show with a string of pars and drives right down the middle.  Bossard, who can read a green like none other, also ended the round as dusk arrived, draining a 29 footer for a birdie.
“That’s it,” he yelled as the ball rolled, Nicklaus-like, into the cup.  “Time to eat.”

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