Today’s Game

Monday, March 12, 2012

Oakland jumped out to a 7-0 lead today, and while the White Sox rallied with four runs, held on for a 9-4 win over the Sox today in Glendale.

Tuesday, the White Sox travel up 101 to Peoria to face the San Diego Padres in a 1:05 pm game.  Gavin Floyd starts that game for the White Sox.

Honoring Heroes

This morning, pitcher Jake Peavy hosted 30 Marines and Navy Corpsmen who are members of Wounded Warriors and attended today’s game against the A’s as part of “Strikout For Troops.”  Peavy gave the group a tour of the clubhouse and facility, and they all posed for a group photo in the White Sox clubhouse.

In addition to Jake, the veterans met Paul Konerko, Gordon Beckham, Gavin Floyd, Chris Sale and manager Robin Ventura, among others.


As they toured the Major League weight room, Ventura joked with Peavy about his workout routine.  At that, Jake became fair game for the Marines and sailors, who all wanted to know how much he actually could lift.

Beckham took one look at the array of Major League hats the Marines were wearing and insisted on an immediate change.


“Absolutely not,” Beckham said.  “Those hats have to come off.”

In their place, brand new Sox caps.

Though The Looking Glass

Former coach and current guest instructor Art Kusnyer was sporting new glasses this morning.  He was ribbing himself:

“They had to send them out and get them from the Hubble Telescope,” he chided.

“With those glasses, you can see the future,” a player joked back.

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