Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What is it they say about a little competition sharpening the knife?

Today’s batting practice session ended with the team’s hitters splitting into two teams for a little situational hitting competition.

Manager Robin Ventura would call out a situation, “Man on second, no outs,” and each team would send a hitter into the cage against batting practice pitcher Kevin Hickey.  The “winner” of the head-to-head scored a point for his team.  It seemed that more than bragging rights were on the line.


Catcher Tyler Flowers scored double points for his team and collected a round of high fives when his at-bat produced a home run.  Later Alexei Ramirez came through for “Team Dunn” with a home run of his own, tossing his hands in the air reminiscent of his grand slam against Detroit in 2008.

Paul Konerko stepped into the cage, as Ventura called out the situation.

“Bottom of the ninth, two out, down a run.”


Konerko looked at him and smiled.

“We need a home run,” bench coach Mark Parent joked.

“Good luck against Hickey,” Dunn chided.

PK “grounded out.”

Nothing like a fun drill to loosen up the team on a random day in mid March.

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