March 19, 2012

Today was the third installment of a situational hitting drill with Team Konerko pitted against Team Dunn (not really sure those were the “captains” but it works as a descriptive element).


Before the competition, general manager Ken Williams grabbed a bat and hopped in the batting cage against pitcher Kevin Hickey.  One media critic took him to task, tweeting that “Williams just took some cuts … it wasn’t pretty.”

But I actually think he got it wrong.  I counted three swings by Williams, producing one line drive to center field.  I haven’t checked his career stats as I write this, but by my memory a 1-3 day for KW is better than his career BA and OBP marks.  My thought is “Stop while you are ahead!”

“Is there an age limit on signing someone to a major league contract?” Williams joked after his BP session, hands still stinging.  “Hickey might be able to help us in September.”

Anyway, guest instructors Jeff Torborg, Joe Nossek and Art Kusnyer served as judges and player after player stepped into the cage.  Coaches called out the situation, and hitters had one pitch to produce.  Get-er done.

“I had a hit and run,” one player on the “losing” side moaned, “and the pitch was at my throat.”

“Quit making excuses,” a member of the winning team responded.  “Here we go.”

Anger and then Beauty In The Skies

 The skies of Phoenix were angry yesterday.  Hail fell on the Sox as they stretched for their game with the Cubs in Mesa.  Given all of the rain, hail, snow and sleet in the area, it is amazing the game got played, all 10 innings of it.  Up in Flagstaff, Ariz, in the mountains, it snowed over two feet.  Today, it is 20 degrees warmer in Chicago than it is here, so don’t let the sunshine fool you.


Late in the day, my family shot some pictures of an amazing rainbow that stretched behind one storm.


Off Day

Sleep, golf and rest seem to be on the docket for most of the staff and players for tomorrow’s lone off day of the spring.  Philip Humber still will come in and throw so that he remains on schedule.  Otherwise, everyone else will be laying low.

Happy Gator Fan

One White Sox Gator fan was thrilled to have his college basketball team headed to Phoenix for Thursday night’s Sweet 16 matchup with Marquette.  You can bet A.J. Pierzynski will be in the house to watch the NCAA Tournament showdown.

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