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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Ballpark was buzzing today with final preparations and touches prior to tomorrow’s Home Opener against the Tigers at 1:10 p.m.  Manager Robin Ventura chose to not hold a workout today, opting instead to allow players and staff to settle in before coming out to the park tomorrow morning.  Pitcher Chris Sale and pitching coach Don Cooper did come in this morning to hold Sale’s side day of throwing, and a few other players stopped in over the course of the day just to set up their lockers.  Of course, the ever-present head trainer Herm Schneider was present as well.

Ventura stopped by to organize his newly painted office, and yes, if you happened to be driving east on 35th Street around 1 p.m., that probably was the new White Sox manager you saw walking with his family up the street.  Rumors were he was looking for a hot dog stand for lunch!


Go Bulls, Go Hawks

Many Sox players and staff are headed to the United Center for tonight’s Chicago Bulls showdown with the Miami Heat.  I am sure the Blackhawks playoff game also will be on in the suites, as most of the Sox players root for both squads.

Opening Day

For whatever reason, I haven’t been getting too many comments to these blog entries this spring – but thanks to the thousands of fans who are reading on a daily basis.  So here’s a try … tell me your best White Sox Opening Day tradition!  Some of the best entries will receive something from me … let me look around in my office and come up with a prize or two.

Miller Lite Bullpen Bar

To answer one reader, yes, the Miller Lite Bullpen Sports Bar opens two and one half hours before gametime from Thursday-Sunday, meaning it does open before the ballpark on some days.

Early Start (or sometimes it is good to be the boss)

The first of our staff arrive at the ballpark tomorrow morning at 2:45 am (so you wanted to work in sports?) to help local television crews enter USCF and set up for morning live shots.  WGN-TV is scheduled to telecast from Bacardi at the Park from 6-9 am, while WBBM (4:30-7 am), WMAQ (5-7), WLS (5-7) and WFLD (7-10 am) all will be out at the park.  Make sure to listen as well to WSCR 670 AM as Mully and Hanley will be broadcasting from Morgan’s near UIC and then The Dan McNeil show will be live from the ballpark beginning at 9 a.m.

Leave Em Laughing

Two recent great commercials on the internet/TV.  This one shows a friendly competition between teammates Gordon Beckham and A.J. Pierzynski.

And this one from our friends at New Era Cap.



Honestly, as a kid, there were numerous times throughout grade school and high-school, my father would pull my brother and I out of school early to go to opening day. I guess that tends to stop when you work and lose pay if you don’t show up, but I hope it is a tradition I can bring up again one day, and pass onto generations.

Not sure I can say we attend the opener on a regular basis, but we always wear our Sox gear and make a point to catch the game on the radio or TV..whichever is feasible based on work schedules. Can’t tell you how excited I am to see the guys back home on the South Side. =) Thanks, again, Scott for all that you do.

This is the first year I’ve taken the day off, but Ive always warn my Sox shirt, jersey and jewelry for the home opener. Yes I will be in a sports bar in the burbs.

Even though I’ll miss the home opener (first time in 10 years), this day still makes me happy. And echoing Dawn’s sentiments, thank you, Scott, for your continued blogging. Go Sox!

That AJ and Beckham video was AWESOME! Bring it boys! I am so pumped for today! LET’S GO WHITE SOX!

Thanks Scott and go White Sox’12……j.k.

It’s amazing to me the hoops I now have to jump through to just say Hi. (shaking his head in disbelief). Nice win though…j.k.

Hey, Scott, JK, Maria, Dawn, and the rest of the faithful – great home opener! My sweetie bought me the MLB TV Premium package, so I was able to watch! Awesome pitching and defense, and just enough offense – reminds me of ’05. (It’s still spring, a girl can dream, right?)

Thanks for the updates, Scott – keep ’em coming! Go SOX!!!!


Great way to start the home season! Nice job by Peavy and how about that catch!! I don’t know, I think these boys might surprise us this summer. Hoping so.

Prosecrafter? Thanks for signing Peggy or I wouldn’t know who you were. You will definitely like your MLB package. I’ve had it since ’05 and it’s the only way to go to keep up with our Boys on a daily basis (Scott’s blogging aside). I didn’t renew this year because I’m taking an extended baseball trip later in the summer, so I’m relegated to waiting for WGN or some other piece of fate for my fix. I did “watch” via gameday from the sixth inning on today though, and will be sitting down tomorrow with WGN. Good to hear from you prose-Peggy, and Go Sox’12….j.k.

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