Robin’s pre-game session with the media


Friday, April 13, 2012



On how it feels to be back home:

“It’s good. It’s nice. You feel like you’ve been on the road for so long so it’s nice to get back here and get it going.”

On the home opener

“It’s exciting. I feel like I grew up here so in a lot of ways it’s a coming home of sorts. I think for guys that haven’t played here, it’s exciting for them, and I get to enjoy being a part of that too. You see a kid like Nate Jones or Hector Santiago, guys that it’s their first time for an Opening Day here so that’s the special part that you get to enjoy.”

On if he feels like he’s learning new things about the job day-by-day:

“I think you do. You’re always trying to learn and see different things. It’s still baseball, but you’re looking at (things) differently than you do as a player. Hopefully I keep my eyes open enough to learn every day.”

On starting off the season playing good baseball:

“You play against some good teams, that when you play well, it gives you some confidence. That’s kind of what we did in Texas: you play against a team that’s the best team in the league and you hold your own. It’s one of those that you feel confident and you kind of go from there. It’s still a long way to go and again you’re just trying to continue to keep that pressure as far as bringing the same attitude every day.”

On playing Detroit

“Yeah, they’re a good team, but again you just continue to play. You can’t sit there and worry about it, you just sit and play. You throw your guys out there and play. They’re on the schedule so we’re going to have to play them and we’re not going to back down from anybody.”

On the style he’s hoping for the team to play this season:

“I think a little bit we’ve already kind of showed. You want them to continue to score and put pressure on the other team. You don’t want it to be a comfortable experience for the other team. I think that’s one of the things – it’s maybe a grittier at-bat, things like that – we have good players, but you still need that side element of tough at-bats over and over and over again to make it a successful, team-oriented offense.”

On how important the success of Paul Konerko and A.J. Pierzynski is to the team’s success:

“It’s huge. You get guys like that and you look at what they bring. They’re professional in what they do, they’re good players and that’s the stuff that’s important when you look at it as a manager. They take a lot of the extra stuff that I would have to do, and I don’t have to do it, because they’ve already handled it and just the way they go about their business guys will follow them. It always helps when they’re playing well.”

On if he was excited to be in his office for the first time today as White Sox manager:

“We’re just trying to get ready for a game. I try not to look at it through myself; it’s more about us being home as a team and being here and playing. I don’t worry too much about myself as much as I worry about getting everybody ready to play.”

On how Mark Parent has helped him make it through the beginning part of the season:

“When you’re putting together a staff, you’re putting together people you can trust, a guy like Mark, that you can believe in that can do the right things. Mark, along with Joe (McEwing) and Jeff (Manto) are kind of the new guys, but you trust their ability to do the right things, to be prepared and things like that. That was more of how he’s helping me – they’re all important in what they do, but I also trust what they do, that I don’t have to sit there and look over them as well as looking over the players. They’ve taken it upon themselves to do their jobs and they do it well.”

On if he is the type of manager that has two lineups ready at all times:

“No, I just made one today. You’re going to have to come up with it; I’m not going to make two. If something happens and you have to adjust then you just adjust. You’re only picking from 25 guys. It’s different than spring training because you’re not trying to get guys at-bats, you’re trying to win games.”


On if he manages against the Tigers, against Jim Leyland or just manage his team:

“I guess there’s a little bit of everything in there. You’re trying to maybe sense what he’s going to do in certain situations, but the most important thing for me is that our guys are prepared for whatever they’re asked to do and that’s the part that I’m concerned about. Everything else that they do – it’s not like you’re playing a golf course, you’re playing another team – so you do prepare to play them and plan on going against them, but you’re trying to get your guys ready and get them in a situation that they feel comfortable in and give them the ability to be successful.”

On his learning curve:

“The hardest part is sending guys down – you’re in spring training and you have guys close to making the cut. The best part is letting the news out that a kid like Nate Jones has made the team, that’s the fun part. Other stuff that’s hard, we got a guy on our staff that’s in the hospital, that’s hard – that’s the kind of stuff that’s harder than just normal baseball stuff.”

On the key to stepping out from the shadow of a previous regime and creating his own identity:

“We’re just worried about baseball. We’re not worried about creating anything with me. I want us to be a good baseball team first and I respect what they did – they got a World Series ring so they did a lot of great things, but I’m not here to create my own identity. I want us to be a good baseball team and that’s my concern for this season.”

On Morel’s first road trip:

“I don’t know if it’s jitters, but you get excited the first week, you maybe want to do a little more than you should. He’ll be fine, he’s a good player and I know he’s going to be fine.”

On if he identifies with Morel’s situation:

“It’s probably different. He’s better than I was early on. He’ll be fine.”

On if he remembers his last game he played as a member of the Sox:

“No, I don’t. Do you want to refresh me? I know what year it was, that’s all.”

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I’ve looked in several sports stores and in the gift shop in the 500 level at today’s game and I’m not finding any Ventura tee shirts or jerseys. Are they out there somewhere and if not then when will they be?

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