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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pregame BP

Guys are fired up to wear the red pinstripes tomorrow for the first time, honoring the 1972 team.  Brent Lillibridge, John Danks and Matt Thornton snuck on their red shoes during BP today just to get the feel.  Of course, with tomorrow being Jackie Robinson Day, the entire roster will wear uniform No. 42 in his honor, all in red.


Tough to ask for much for out of yesterday … a White Sox win, a very nice day, a standout start by Jake Peavy, two great defensive plays and offense from Dayan Viciedo.  To be completely selfish, all we needed were a couple of hits from Adam Dunn and Gordon Beckham.

Best line of the day yesterday belonged to manager Robin Ventura, who replaced Viciedo (who had a sterling play in left field) with Lillibridge as a late-inning defensive replacement: “I told Lilly,” Ventura remarked after the game, “’You had better be really good.’”

How about Jake Peavy’s first two starts of the season against offenses like the Rangers and Tigers.  Impressive.

Poor Roger

First time for everything as yesterday marked the first time I ever remember a game being stopped to re-draw the batter’s box.  I’ve seen an umpire erase the back line and re-draw it with the end of the bat, but I’ve never seen the grounds crew called out to re-do the box.  It led to a delay in the first inning.

“We had a rhythm going,” one member of the Sox laughed today.  “I was just like, ‘Let Cabrera hit from wherever he wants and fix it between innings.’”

Makeup in Cleveland

The Indians have announced that Tuesday’s rainout will be made up on our next trip in to Cleveland as a split doubleheader on May 7.  The first game is at 12:05 p.m. CT with the second at 6:05 p.m. (for those of you contemplating a Monday baseball trip to Cleveland).

Thursday Night

At Thursday night’s Bulls game, one notable moment came when the dessert cart arrived at the suite.  A few of the guys checked it out.  A few let it be.

“Let him go first, he needs to fatten up,” Chris Sale’s dad joked as Sale headed out into the hallway only to come back with a big piece of cake.  Then, when he learned there was ice cream to be had, he went back for a second trip.

But Viciedo drew the best reaction from his teammates.  He passed on dessert, drawing laughs.  When the topic came up, Viciedo just smiled, shook his head and signaled, “No.”

Mr. Mayor

Mayor Emanuel attended yesterday’s home opener and afterward, we saw him dining at 11th Street Diner.

“I need to talk to him,” my high schooler said.  “I’m not happy with him.  He’s trying to make my school day longer.”

Sometimes it’s tough being mayor.


You really can’t make stuff like this up and it’s one of the many reasons I love my job.

Prior to throwing out the first pitch yesterday, Chicago-native rapper, author and actor COMMON wanted to warm up.

So one of my staff ran into my office and grabbed the first glove they saw.  COMMON and the staffer played catch, and COMMON proceeded to go outside and bounce his ceremonial first pitch.  So much for practice.

But my staffer told me afterward that “I borrowed that glove in your office.”

Glove in my office?  I don’t have a glove in my office … oh yeah, wait a minute.  I do.  It’s an authentic, signed Luis Aparicio glove.  “You used my Hall of Famer’s glove to play catch with COMMON!”

I said to COMMON … “You used my Aparicio glove to play catch and then you threw that pitch!?!?”

He smiled, but I think he felt a little embarrassed.  He should. (The glove is fine, by the way.  No worse for wear).

This glove really belongs under glass somewhere.  Here’s the story …

A few years ago, I had the idea of having Wilson create Aparicio and Fox gloves that Sox fans might want to buy for their homes/offices.  Proceeds could benefit Chicago White Sox Charities.  We never really followed through on the plan, but as part of the project, the great guys at Wilson checked to see if they still had the pattern for Louie’s glove.

Amazing enough, their old glove maker, then 80-something years old, still happened to have the pattern out in his garage.  The folks at Wilson made one to show us.  And then one day, Aparicio was in the clubhouse, so I had him sign his actual glove.

It has sat in my office for years, on display … until yesterday.


The home opener was an awesome game, and today’s game was a good one, too.
Now, the Sox are in first place, and playing like they mean to stay there. I’m a happy fan!


How come the fireworks have been different this year for the start of the game and for home runs? Not at all as exciting as years past, pretty disappointing.

Great Story Scott! Thanks for sharing.

Hi Peggy! Good to hear from you.

Chris – isn’t the HOME RUN enough? 🙂

Great story! What a keepsake.

Now it’s a “game used” Aparicio glove… kinda.

Made it to 2 of the 3 games over the weekend. As always, a fantastic time. Loved all the great improvements around the park. I know you’ve been very vocal in the past about White Sox social networking and was wondering what (if anything) the Sox were doing around the cell to help with the network congestion problems. Its just about impossible to get a connection on any network while in the park. I even tried to jump on the Boingo wi-fi as well with no success. Can anything be done? Go Sox!

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