Red Stripes

Monday, April 16, 2012

So what did everyone think of the new/old red pinstriped White Sox uniforms?  I’d love to hear your feedback.  Here’s a great interview with Carlos May about his memories of Dick Allen, Chuck Tanner, Wilbur Wood and that 1972 team.


Small Things

Catcher Tyler Flowers received kudos for his home run in Saturday’s victory, but a smaller thing caught the eye of former major league manager Buddy Bell.

With the Sox up 3-1 in the seventh, Flowers was hit by a pitch.  Gordon Beckham struck out and with the Tigers not paying much attention to Flowers, he stole second base.  (Why not?)  Now with lefty De Aza up and Flowers on second, first baseman Prince Fielder now moved off the line and back to the normal position occupied by a first baseman.  What happened next?  Of course, De Aza shot a ball down the line for a triple, scoring Flowers with the team’s fourth run.

Buddy was elated at the importance of the stolen base.  (And Buddy Bell and the word elated aren’t used that often in a single sentence).


You won’t realize it by reading this, but as I was typing the entry above, manager Robin Ventura stopped by my office to recruit my assistance in a practical joke (I, of course, never stoop to such levels).  Any ways, I told him he must be bored to come see me …

Cool Stat

With two doubles Sunday, Adam Dunn tied his USCF output for doubles for all of 2011.  In fact, he has three at home so far in 2012.

Not Your White Sox

We have allowed just one stolen base so far in 2012 while recording three caught stealings … yes, three!

Nice Column

Check this out from FOX Sports Ken Rosenthal on the White Sox.


The red throwbacks were great, but…

1) High cuffs should be mandatory, in order to show off the red stirrups with the white sock logo. Will Ohman got it irght.

2) I really, really wish these were zipper-front. Is there a reason (aside from just not bothering) that that bit of historical accuracy wasn’t adhered to?

Loved the red throwbacks! Very sharp and always fun to see a different look. Nice story about Flower’s steal and Buddy Bell. Love hearing that stuff. And what…no follow up on what the practical joke was?

I loved ’em too Scott. I was a the game and it brought back memories of the Chuck Tanner – Dick Allen, Bill Melton, Carlos May and Wilbur Wood red pinstripe era. I concur with what Eriq said above, I wish the uniforms were a little more historically acurate, but all in all I love ’em.

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Good to know that Robin is still a practical joker after all these years! Glad to have you back in Chicago Robin with the White Sox where you belong!❤

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