Robin Ventura Pregame

Monday, May 14, 2012

Here are a few of manager Robin Ventura’s comments from his pregame session with the media:

On if beating Detroit is more significant than other teams:

“No, it just means they are a very good (team) and that they are in your division so they’re important. It’s weird because it’s a two-game series, but then again they’re a good team and you want to play well because they’re in your division. They’re good, we’ve got John (Danks) going today.”

On if he pays attention to the standings:

“Not really, not this early. You kind of want to know where you’re at, but you realize it’s still a long way to go and even for them, you know they’re going to play well at some point. It’s nice to play well early.  Again, you play well early, you go on that All-Star Break and it changes so every series is important, not the end of the world, but you want to play well especially against a team that’s as good as this and is in your division”

On Jesse Crain’s progress:

“He threw yesterday and he was okay so I think in a few more days he could come back.”

On what he’s looking for out of John Danks tonight:

“ With him it’s just the consistency. He has been able to spot a lot of his fastballs and he’s one of those that throws a lot of pitches that hitters swing or miss at so if they’re not swinging at him then it doesn’t always look pretty. He’s a battler and he’s tough to hit against if he’s got it going. His last outing he was fine and he grinded through it and was fine so it’s one of those that if he hits his spots and has his location, he’s though to hit.”

On where to draw the line with the amount of discussions a coach has with a player about hitting:

“I think patience is key. There are some times when you give them a kick, but again I realize how tough it is because it’s not always that easy, especially getting critiqued everyday over and over about it. For them, they have to realize that they can’t get it all back in one day because it’s a consistent thing day in and day out of coming here and having the proper attitude of coming in and working at it and seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.”

On if it’s hard to decide when to stop discussing hitting issues with a player:

“There’s a fine line there of when you’re talking to them, how much you’re talking to them about it and you can’t talk to them about it every day because it becomes an overwhelming thing. They don’t necessarily want to hear it every day either so its back and forth of just conversation about it, but most of us have played so we get what they’re going through and I get that but they can’t lose confidence.”

On if he ever left for a two-day, West-Coast roadtrip during his career:

“I don’t (remember doing so), but I don’t make (the schedule) so we just play these, leave here tomorrow and come back pretty quick. It is odd that you fly out to the West Coast and then come right back and have a day game, but I think everybody will be fine.”

On Adam Dunn’s impact on the offense:

“It’s big. I don’t see a lot of people that expected him to be hitting third so what he brings to the lineup as far as power and getting on base has been fine. It’s a big thing that you kind of get a good hold of what people were seeing last year compared to what they’re seeing now and the credit goes to him, coming in the way he did at spring training.”

On how much Sale solidifies the starting rotation:

 “It’s fine for him to be in there and a plus for us, for me, you look at it the same way you did coming out of spring training — you have a pretty good set of five guys that you’re rolling out with on a consistent basis.”

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