Friday, May 18, 2012

Below is an email that one of our staffers received yesterday. We liked it so much that we had to share it with you.

Hi Jo.I hope this finds you well and I wanted to share this with you. Jason and I went to the Sox game in Anaheim last night & sat behind our dugout.. There was a little boy, about 6 or so, decked out in head to toe Konerko gear, just like his father. Every inning break, he would run down to the dugout and shake his glove, hoping for a ball. The other kids (angels fans) were bigger than him & he kept walking past me to go back to his Dad, disappointed. I turned to the Dad and said “Next time, I’m taking your kid down there myself…”

At the inning break, I looked to my right & there was the kid, waiting for my help. I said, “OK Tommy, lets do this!” I held him up a little and he was shaking his glove, Paulie spotted him and pointed right at him so all the other kids knew to stay away, and he rolled the ball on the dugout right into little Tommy’s glove! We were jumping up and down like crazy, he was so happy and when he got back to his Dad, he just started crying… he finally turned around and said thanks with the biggest smile and tears in his eyes.

Long story short, Paul Konerko made that kid feel so important, he will probably never forget it so I want to say THANKS TO HIM!!!…It was a great night (that would have only been better if we won).

Best Regards,
Gina M.


Paulie also made the day for one of our twitter followers (@itsmarthab). You can see some of her tweets here.








This is one of the main reasons that Paulie IS my Favorite Baseball player!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, as if the last couple of days couldn’t get any better, this happens! I’ve been a Sox fan since I was a kid. Originally from California, this isn’t exactly common practice. I try to go to all the Sox games when they are in town and I will typically get “good” seats (behind visitors dugout) for at least one game of the series, with hopes of getting ANY autograph. Until last night, I had been unsuccessful.

When I got a game ball Wednesday, I thought, “Wow, my day is made. A gameday Sox baseball!!” I knew the following day I’d be in the “good” seats so I decided to once again try my luck. Took that ball with me, along with a Sox ball. I, along with a few other folks, patiently waited and watched their batting practice. Minutes later, Paulie came over to visit with some folks he knew. Upon hearing the camera clicks and a few, “Hey Paulie, can you please sign…” requests, he said he’d do so as soon as he was finished. When his visit ended, he signed for some kids and began walking away. I thought, “Oh well. At least I got some pictures….AND I still have my ball!” Then, when he’s about ten feet away from where I was, he stops again and begins signing. I immediately head in that direction and with outstretched arm and ball in hand, try to get his attention once again. Luck, and God, were on my side because mine was the last ball he signed!!! I couldn’t believe it! I can’t believe it still. After yeeeaaaarrrsss of trying, not only did I get “a” Sox autograph, I got Konerko’s autograph…on a gameday ball! This moment, miniscule to many I’m sure, means the world to me. A friend, an Angels supporter, who was with me and was watching me from our seats, described it as me being “a kid in a candy store”. I’d say that’s accurate. No, I’m not from Chicago and no, I’ve never been to US Cellular. As a matter of fact, I haven’t even BEEN to Chicago! (though of course, this is on my bucket list) However, if you know me, you know that this has no bearing on my love for this team.

Needless to say, this is a day I will undoubtedly cherish always…and that ball, it’s getting displayed. Proudly! Why? Because autograph or not,

P.S. Also got Eduardo Escobar’s autograph on the other ball.🙂

Dear Gina M. and MLB Pro Blog staff,

My name is Noemy Hughes and I am Tommy’s mom. Tommy had been so excited the days prior to Wednesday’s game, because he was going to go with Daddy to see his favorite team, the White Sox, and his favorite player, Paul Konerko. Gina, I want to sincerely thank you for helping my son catch the baseball and for the beautiful email you submitted into MLB Pro Blog. (I had to re-read it multiple times since I was having a difficult time with tears in my eyes). I am letting you know that through your help you and Paulie have made a little boy of 5 years-old so very happy. Upon returning home later that night, Tommy had to tell me the “story” a numerous of times on how you helped him catch his Konerko ball. Gina, you are right, Tommy will never forget this night! He has slept with his baseball by his side since Wednesday’s game. And yes, thank you Paul Konerko!
I also want to thank MLB Pro Blog page for sharing this beautiful email so that I and our family members can enjoy. We have been to numerous White Sox games in California and Chicago and we love the Chicago White Sox!
Best Regards,
Noemy and Tom Hughes

This just proves that sometimes the simplest gesture can have a profound effect on someone else. Way to go Paulie (again) and thank you Scott for sharing. Go Sox’12…..j.k.

Love the sweet, sweet sweep! Go SOX!!!

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