Your 1st Place White Sox

Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Fast & Furious
The phones won’t stop ringing here today, which is a great thing for the White Sox (and especially for PR people at the White Sox).  It is amazing how winning changes everything.  The days go quicker.  You can’t wait for first pitch.  Games fly by, and there are so many positive story lines each and every day …
… Chris Sale’s strikeouts, Adam Dunn’s home run, Paul Konerko’s hitting streak, Addison Reed’s ninth inning …
Someone might say it is a Contagion.
Sale’s 15 strikeouts yesterday fell one short of Jack Harshman’s club record, tying three other pitchers (Eddie Cicotte, Jim Scott and Ed Walsh, twice) for second in White Sox history.  Sale’s 15 were the most since Jason Bere struck out 14 Twins on June 28, 1995.
Again to Paul Konerko on winning AL Player of the Week honors (any surprise there)?  PK hit .583 with four doubles, three home runs and 10 RBI in six games to win his second award of the year and sixth of his career.  He hit his 400th home run with the White Sox on May 27 vs. Cleveland and trails only Frank Thomas (448) in franchise history.
Hmmm …
Do you think those critics of the White Sox farm system over the past years noticed yesterday’s game?  Chris Sale, first round pick of 2010, struck out 15 in 7.1 IP, Gordon Beckham, first pick in 2008, singled right before Adam Dunn’s 2-run home run, and Addison Reed, third rounder in 2010, earned the save.
Most of us will take big league production over prospect status anytime.


If you would have told me that we would be in first place at any point this season I would have laughed. Who’s laughing now?? Oh me of little faith. Keep it going boys!!!🙂

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Its all about pitching in this league and thats what the white sox have! humber has been great! and the rest of the staff as well as their hitting! i wrote all about it here

I said before the season began that I didn’t have a lot of hope for this year. Well, I didn’t think we would be in 1st place at this point in the season. But, I will eat my crow, at least for the time being. We’re playing well now, but there is still a lot of baseball left to play. Either way, “don’t stop now boys!” Go White Sox!

And we just swept the Rays!

WOW!! I did not expect to see the Sox in first place this year. Keep it up boys!!

As we hit the 1/3rd pole of the 2012 Championship season, I am VERY HAPPY so far, because NONE of the so-called “experts” knew what they were talking about regarding this team and its abilities… they were going off of last year’s dreadful results, and think that the same thing would occur in 2012,,, that Dunn and Rios and the others would continue to be pathetic, that the starting pitching would NOT be the same without Buehrle, and that the Tigers would “lap the field” in the Central Division and the other teams, ours included, would be FORTUNATE to be within shouting distance… I seldom, if EVER, “gloat” about things like that, because 52 prior seasons of observation have proven that the whole thing can change in the blink of an eye and leave one with an empty feeling… but … SO FAR, SO GOOD… Let’s hope that we have “the 7 YEAR ITCH” come the end of October…

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