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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Late yesterday afternoon, newly acquired third baseman Matt Davidson spent some time talking to Chicago media about his reaction to Monday’s trade.  Here are some of Matt’s comments …


On being traded for Addison Reed:

“It’s pretty unreal.  It would have been awesome if we were working out at the same time when we both got the call.  I haven’t touched base with him yet, but I’m sure we will touch base soon.”

On being in the White Sox long-term plans:

“I’m just extremely glad and blessed to have the opportunity to actually be in the plans like that.  That’s what any player wants and just to know that the White Sox organization wanted me so much that they made the trade.  I mean Addison is a great closer, he had 40 saves last year.  It helps a lot with confidence as they believe in me.” 

On the White Sox and Chicago:

“Well, I’ve never been there and the closest I’ve been I played in South Bend.  I really don’t know too much.  I’ve picked up a Sox hat last night and been wearing in all day.  I like the colors and the uniforms are cool.  I’ve just been trying to check everything out.  I’ve played in high school with Trayce Thompson and actually went to the same high school with Scott Snodgress, who’s in the organization as well.  Mark Teahen went to the same high school, he played for the Sox for a couple of years.  One of my mom’s good friends is Aaron Rowand’s brother.  I’m excited to give them a call and see want the vibe is.”

On changing anything in his game this offseason because of the trade:

“No, not at all.  The bottom line is that I just want to become the most complete player I can be.  Whatever that entails I always work on everything and trying to get better.    There’s definitely a lot more excitement going it spring training with a new team, to a new facility and new city.  It’s the first time I’ve been traded so it’s a new feeling, but definitely excited to get going and start a good year with the Sox.”

On being blocked by players in Arizona:

“It’s awesome, just the mindset where you are just waiting for an injury or whenever you get in you are trying to put a little too much pressure on yourself when you are trying to prove too much with the handful of at-bats you have.“

On the goal of being the starting third baseman:

“Yea definitely, that’s the goal.  I just got to take care of what I need to take care of and hopefully everything goes well.  Whether is staring in Triple A, I trust whatever decision they make.  The long term goal is obviously to be there starting Opening Day or June or even if it takes a whole year.  I just know that when I get there I want to stick in the big leagues.  I don’t want to be just up and down.  Whenever that timetable is just as long the long term is sticking there.”

On U.S. Cellular Field:

“What I’ve learned as a hitter over my career is that where I do have the power, where I do start focusing on that, that’s when I start getting those strikeouts and my approach changes.  When I have that nice line drive approach that’s when the all the home runs start getting out.  That’s just the part of developing as a young hitter and just maturing.  If I can just stay in that positive approach then those home runs start coming, but when I try to do too much just like any other hitter your swing gets long and you start to strikeout.  The fact that it is a hitter’s park you get more relaxed and just know that when you hit one good it will go.”

On Adam Eaton being on the team:

“We played together in High A and Double A.  Obviously it’s going to be a brand new experience and brand new guys, which hopefully is an easy transition.  It’s really cool to have a guy that I was with a couple months ago.  That will definitely ease the transition a bit.”

On his defense:

“I don’t think any type of player with any type of tool is going to be happy with where they are at.  I think nobody wants to quit working.  I feel confidence with my defensive game.  Obviously is always a work in process, you can always get better.  Even Gold Gloves are always working on something to get better.  Obviously having Robin there is going to be a huge help.  I had a lot of people over at the Diamondbacks once I got called up teach me a lot of things in that month with Chavez and Prado and Matt Williams.  I have improved every single year.  When I was coming out of the draft I barely knew how to dive because I was kind of just a pitcher.  Maybe I was totally gifted right away and haven’t been playing shortstop or third base growing up because I was a pitcher.  I had to learn all that at the pro level.  So it has been hard and it has been something that I’ve been working out and I take pride in working on it.  I will never stop working on that.  I know that I have to get better and that I need to get better and that is my goal.”


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