Day Two and the Beat Goes On

Saturday, February 21, 2015
Today’s News
Vince Coleman: New Sox Baserunning Instructor
Having stolen 100 or more bases from 1985-87 with the St. Louis Cardinals and 752 in his 13-year major-league career, premier base thief Vince Coleman is in camp as a baserunning instructor. Here is Coleman (in the center) working with Sox second baseman Micah Johnson (on the right), who swiped 84 bags in the minors in 2013 (Photo courtesy of CSN’s Chuck Garfien).
What They Reported From the First Day of Sox Camp
The White Sox Rotation According to John Danks
Quotes of the Day
* A svelte Avi Garcia on his new diet and keeping the weight off:
“Lettuce, a lot of vegetables and salad every day. It’s good because I feel great, 
and I have to be skinny…After games I have to go to my bed and sleep because if I stay up late. Oh. Problem.
John Danks on new teammate Jeff Samardzija:
“He looks better in black than he does in blue.”
* Top Sox prospect Carlos Rodon on high expectations:
“The way I look it is you have to have your own expectations and live up to those because everyone else’s really don’t matter.”
* Skipper Robin Ventura on Rodon’s slider:
“It’s a sharp one, and he throws it hard. It’s weird when you say it about a pitcher but he’s a physical type pitcher.”
Photo of the Day
New Sox closer David Robertson.

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