Friday Roundup: Thome and Ventura on Rollins, Top 30 Sox Prospects and More…


Friday, February 26, 2016

Today’s Spring Training News

Thome on Rollins

Jim Thome and Jimmy Rollins were teammates on some outstanding Phillies teams. Thome talks about the newest White Sox shortstop as a player and mentor to youngsters like Tim Anderson. That’s Anderson (on the left) and Rollins pictured above.

“I remember what he brought to our ball club. He was our leader and he was our catalyst. He was our shortstop. We knew we could count on him. For me, he was just so charismatic. As good as he was in the team meetings, he was just as good as a friend. For me, it was exciting to get him back here where we can be together again. He is that guy now who can help someone like Tim Anderson. He can help (Tyler) Saladino. I think the guys will look to him and they will rely on him. He will be that role model they look up to.

Ventura: Rollins is Not a Normal-Looking 37-year-old

Sox Top 30 Prospects


Quote of the Day

Sox Executive VP Ken Williams:

“The attitude coming in and the focus is a little different in the way that we were all disappointed in what happened last year. So the level of intensity, the level of seriousness, is not missing from this camp.

“What has kind of also filtered in is a little bit of light-heartedness with some of our recent additions. They have been through some of the wars and have a little bit of personality to them in the (Todd) Fraziers and the Brett Lawries (pictured above) and Jimmy Rollins adds to that, too. There’s a balance between intensity and having some fun, having enough fun to where your talent can come out.”

Photo of the Day



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