White Sox Gunning for a Turnaround in Boston


Monday, June 20, 2016

Today’s News

Next Up

White Sox vs. Red Sox at Fenway Park, Boston, in a four-game series.

Tonight (6:10 p.m. CT, WPWR) — Starting Pitchers: RHP Miguel Gonzalez (1-2, 4.74) for our Sox, RHP Steven Wright (8-4, 2.22) for Boston.

Tomorrow Night  (6:10 p.m., CT, CSN) — Starting Pitchers: LHP Chris Sale (11-2, 2.94) for our Sox, RHP Clay Buchholz (3-6, 5.86) for the Red Sox.

Wednesday (6:10 p.m. CT, CSN) — Starting Pitchers: LHP Jose Quintana (5-7, 2.63) for our Sox, LHP Eduardo Rodriguez (1-2, 6.97) for Boston.

Thursday (12:35 p.m CT, WGN) — Starting Pitchers: RHP James Shields (2-9, 6.28) for our Sox, RHP Rick Porcello (8-2, 3.76) for the Red Sox.


Yesterday’s Highlights

It’s been a rough stretch for the Good Guys, but yesterday’s starting pitching and defense in the 10-inning, 3-2 loss to the Indians was exceptional. Click on links and enjoy:

Carlos Rodon tossed 6.1 innings, allowing just two runs, eight hits and a walk along with eight strikeouts. Rodon has compiled a 3.25 ERA in his last six starts after registering a 4.99 earned run average in his first seven.


Brett Lawrie was magnificent at second.


Tim Anderson showed his stuff at shortstop. Anderson, who also singled and doubled, has four multi-hit games in his first nine major-league contests.



Melky Cabrera, who also connected for his sixth homer, made this terrific throw to nab the runner at third:


Strike ’em out, throw ’em out:


Quote of the Day

David Robertson:

“I wish there was a magic answer. We’re scuffling. There’s no doubt about it. We’re not a bad team. We’re just not playing well right now. We’re just not having things go our way, and it’s a tough stretch. Hopefully we can turn it around when we get to Boston.”

Photo of the Day

Celebrating Father’s Day at the Sox’ Class AAA affiliate in Charlotte, Carlos Sanchez receives a ceremonial first pitch from his young son.


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