Behind the Ballpark

Even the most loyal White Sox fans (likely) don’t know every corner of U.S. Cellular Field. To help celebrate 25 years in this stadium, we will be bringing you a behind the scenes look at some of the lesser-known and off-limits parts of the park. Check back each week for another look at the home of your White Sox!

The Blue Seats

In Game Two of the 2005 World Series, the White Sox were losing 4-2 in the bottom of the 7th with two outs. That’s when Paul Konerko stepped up to the plate, and belted out a grand slam to give the good guys a 6-4 lead. That ball landed in left field, section 159, row 7, seat 4. To commemorate that important hit, the blue seat that was in use during that game has been left in the exact location. Next time you are in that area of stands, be sure to stop and pay a visit to PK’s seat.


Paulie’s grand slam wasn’t the only memorable hit of that night in October 2005. In the bottom of the 9th, the White Sox and Houston Astros were tied at 6, with the potential for a long night of extra innings ahead. Scott Podsednik had other plans, however, hitting a 2-1 fastball straight into the right field stands (Section 101, Row 1, Seat 13, to be exact). The walk-off home run gave the good guys a 7-6 victory that night, and a two-game lead in the series.


Jim Thome’s Home Run Plaque

Most White Sox fans are familiar with the outfield PrivateBank Fan Deck, but have you ever looked closely at it? On June 4, 2008, Jim Thome became the first player to ever hit a ball onto the Fan Deck. We’ll just let the rest of his plaque speak for itself:


If you want a refresher for what exactly his hit looked like, we’ve got you covered.

Take a stroll around the Fan Deck next time you’re out there to see if you can spot it!

We hope you learned a little something this week – be sure to check back next Thursday for more scenes Behind the Ballpark!

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