Behind the Ballpark

Even the most loyal White Sox fans (likely) don’t know every corner of U.S. Cellular Field. To help celebrate 25 years in this stadium, we will be bringing you a behind the scenes look at some of the lesser-known and off-limits parts of the park. Check back each week for another look at the home of your White Sox!

White Sox Memorabilia

The Chicago White Sox have a long history on the south side of Chicago, and we work hard to preserve that history for our team, city and fans. Located on the third floor of U.S. Cellular Field, display cases show some of the best parts of our history with pictures, equipment, ticket stubs and numerous trophies and awards.

2005 World Series

It’s only appropriate that the 2005 World Series win takes up nearly half of the display cases. Here you’ll see a variety of picture from the games themselves, along with those from the team celebration and Chicago parade. Here are some of the other great items you’ll find in these case:

Banners congratulating the Chicago White Sox from then-mayor Richard M. Daley

Numerous publications, including Sports Illustrated, that provided commemorative issues to mark the Sox victory

Tickets to the White Sox World Series Gala, held at Chicago’s famous Palmer House

A bobblehead of everyone’s favorite: PAULIE!

The names of the 2005 White Sox team and staff

And of course, a description of the game itself (as if anyone could forget)

20th Century

2005 isn’t the only thing these glass cases celebrate. Here’s just some of what we celebrated in the 20th Century:

Pitcher Ed Walsh played for the White Sox from 1904-1916 before making his last MLB appearance with the Boston Braves in 1917. Walsh won 40 games in 1908 and was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 1946.


Prior to 2005, the White Sox hadn’t won a World Series since 1917. Under the management of Pants Rowland, the White Sox went on to beat the New York Giants, winning the series 4-2. It’s evident from the picture that the team got around a little differently than they do today.


The first ever All-Star game was held at Comiskey Park on July 6, 1933. In 1983, Comiskey held the 50th Anniversary All-Star Game as a nod to the first game. Below you’ll find a ticket to the 1983 game (which was also held on July 6).


Did you know that a White Sox baseball once took a trip through space? This certificate proves it:


The certificate states “This baseball was flown aboard the United States Space Shuttle, DISCOVERY, for the Chicago White Sox, January 22, 1992, to January 30, 1992.

Launching from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, DISCOVERY completed 128 orbits, traveling over 3 million miles before landing on Runway 22 at Edwards Air Force Base, California.”

And lastly, the White Sox are proud owners of an Emmy Award!


The prize reads “1998-1999 Chicago/Midwest Emmy Award

Outstanding achievement for sports program coverage of sporting events, single program or series White Sox baseball on WGN-TV”

We hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane! Be sure to check back next Thursday for more scenes Behind the Ballpark.


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