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A Presidents Day Tribute to former White Sox and John Danks Goes Bald for a Good Cause

Today’s news

Happy Presidents Day

Just for fun, we looked up all the former White Sox who shared last names with U.S. Presidents.  The list …

Bobby Adams 3B 1955

Doug Adams C 1969

Herb Adams OF 1948-1950

Jeff Carter P 1991

Gene Ford P 1938

Jimmy Grant 3B 1942-1943

Frankie Hayes C 1946

Jackie Hayes 2B 1932-1940

Bo Jackson DH 1991-1993

Charlie Jackson PH 1915

Darrin Jackson LF 1994, 1999

Edwin Jackson P 2010-2011

Joe Jackson OF 1915-1920

Mike Jackson P 2004

Ron Jackson 1B 1954-1959

Jesse Jefferson P 1975-1976

Bart Johnson P 1969-1977

Charles Johnson C 2000

Connie Johnson P 1953-1956

Dan Johnson 1B 2012

Dane Johnson P 1994

Darrell Johnson C 1952

Deron Johnson DH 1975

Don Johnson P 1954

Ernie Johnson SS 1912, 1921-1923

Johnny Johnson P 1945

Lamar Johnson 1B 1974-1981

Lance Johnson OF 1988-1995

Larry Johnson C 1978

Mark Johnson C 1998-2002

Randy Johnson DH 1980

Stan Johnson OF 1960

Bob Kennedy OF 1939-1948

Vern Kennedy P 1934-1937

Larry Monroe P 1976

Billy Pierce P 1949-1961

Leo Taylor PR 1923

Wiley Taylor P 1912

Claudell Washington OF 1978-1980

George Washington OF 1935-1936

Bill Wilson OF 1950-1954

Craig Wilson 3B 1998-2000

George Wilson OF 1952

Jim Wilson P 1956-1958

Red Wilson C 1951-1954

Roy Wilson P 1928

My fault

As a member of a Major League Baseball PR Committee, we developed an idea to help publicize MLB and the Cactus League by having all 15 GMs and managers come to Chase Field this afternoon to be available to the media. Of course, around camp this first-time event is now known as “Reifert-fest.”

“Great,” I told my supporters. “Now every GM and manager in Arizona will blame me.”

“That’s our goal,” they responded.



A lot has been said and written about the recent 2013 projections by Baseball Prospectus’ PECOTA system (projects 77 wins for the White Sox in 2013) and how – for whatever reason – the system consistently underestimates the White Sox.  Here is an interesting take by Dave Cameron of Fangraphs:

Can you keep a secret?

So in the coaches’ workroom there is a big image of Harold Baines on the wall, just over a countertop where Mark Salas, our bullpen catcher, and others often map out the day ahead for the catching corps in camp.

“Hey Harold,” someone challenged today, trying to get a rise out of the soft-spoken one, “since this has become a catcher’s corner, is it OK if we put up a photo of Fisk?”

So guess what’s getting shipped down in tonight’s overnight?  A big photo of Carlton Fisk and an 8 x 10 photo of one of this year’s “Racing Harold.”

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s action.

Quote of the Day

Nate Jones sitting alone in the dining hall eating his post-workout lunch. He didn’t even shower or change after coming off the field.

“I’m hungry.”

Play of the Day

Pitcher Chris Sale scalping fellow pitcher John Danks for a good cause. Danks sat down for his annual head shave to promote and support the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a childhood cancers charity funding the most promising research to help find cures for kids with cancer.

Tomorrow’s schedule

The annual Photo Day takes place tomorow with the well-coiffed White Sox posing for early morning photos and videos. It’s always a fun day!

 Did you know…

…that skipper Robin Ventura and his wife Stephanie traveled to London in the offseason to visit their oldest daughter Rachel, who is studying abroad?

Photo of the Day


One lefty assists another.